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EPGA Program Requirements

Basic Degree Requirements

Core Requirements (18 credit hours)

All of the following courses:

  • PHIL-625 Seminar on Modern Moral Problems (3)

  • PHIL-693 Global Ethics (3)

  • SIS-607 Peace Paradigms (3)

  • SIS-622 Human Rights (3)

One course from the following:

  • PHIL-620 Seminar on Ethical Theory (3)

  • PHIL-616 Feminist Philosophy (3)

  • PHIL-617 Race and Philosophy (3)

  • PHIL-655 Philosophy of Religion (3)

  • PHIL-702 Graduate Seminar in Philosophy (3) (topics)

One course from the following:

  • SIS-517/617 Gender and Conflict (3)

  • SIS-519/619 Human Rights and Conflict (3)

  • SIS-610 Theories of Violence and War (3)

  • SIS-621 International Law and the Legal Order (3)

  • SIS-625 International Organizations (3)

Research Methodology (6 credit hours) Choose two of the following:

  • ANTH-652 Anthropological Research Design (3)

  • SIS-600 Statistics, Research Design, and Research Methods for Intl. Affairs

  • SIS-612 Qualitative Research Methods in IPCR (3)

  • SIS-680 Topics in Research Methods in Intl. Affairs: Qualitative Methods and Methodology

  • SOCY-620 Social Research Methods (3)

  • Approved graduate seminar in Philosophy one qualifying paper

  • Another approved methodology course

Capstone (3 credit hours) Choose one of the following:

  • PHIL-691 Internship in Philosophy (3)

  • PHIL-797 Master’s Thesis Research (3-6) (may include 3 elective credit hours)

  • SIS-793 Practicum in International Affairs (3)

  • SIS-795 Master’s Research Requirement (3)

  • SIS-797 Master’s Thesis Supervision (3-6) (may include 3 elective credit hours)    

Area of Concentration (9 credit hours) Three thematically related courses in one of the following areas, or in another academically sound concentration approved by the student’s faculty advisor:

  • Peace and Conflict Resolution

  • Human Rights and Social Justice

  • Global Environmental Justice

  • Ethics of Development

  • International Economic Justice

  • Global Governance and International Organizations

Electives (3 credit hours) Three credit hours from skills workshops, master’s thesis requirement, or other elective courses chosen in consultation with faculty and advisor

Completing your requirements

MA graduate classes are those courses numbered 500–700. Courses numbered 400- and below will not count toward graduate degree requirements.

For courses to count toward an MA program of study, students must take courses for letter grades (A-F), rather than pass/fail (P/F). If a student is interested in taking a course for degree credit that is only offered as pass/fail, the student must first obtain approval from his or her advisor.

An EPGA advising worksheet is available from graduate advising. You should fill this in as you complete courses since. Although we are here to assist you, it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure all degree requirements are completed.

In addition to completing specific course requirements, you must:

Maintain satisfactory academic standing by 1) earning at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA; 2) receiving credit in at least two-thirds of attempted courses; 3) meeting on time degree requirements such as course work, qualifying papers, and master’s research requirement; and 4) maintain continuous enrollment by registering in regularly scheduled courses or by registering for PHIL-099 Maintain Matriculation.* If a student fails to register during either fall or spring semesters, unless he or she has successfully petitioned in advance for a leave of absence from the program, he or she will be removed automatically from the program. Readmission will require a new application, and there is no guarantee that the Graduate Committee and Chair will readmit the candidate.

* Maintain Matriculation (PHIL-099) is available for master’s students completing their programs to enable them to finish their capstone or thesis research, exams, or other requirements of their master’s program. 099 should not be taken with any other courses, and is not credit-bearing. The cost of the course is $150. 099 may not be used to establish full-time or part-time status for merit aid or immigration purposes.

Complete all requirements detailed above within six academic year. Academic Regulations state that all work for the master’s degree must be completed in no more than six years after the date of first enrollment in the degree program.

Degree Requirements

See the complete EPGA degree requirements.