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The Society for Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs (SEPGA)

The Society for Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs (SEPGA) explores ethical responses to contemporary global problems as a learning community.

SEPGA is the student organization affiliated with the Master's program in Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs (EPGA), but is open to both undergraduate and graduate students from all programs of study at American University who share the organization’s ideals and interests. SEPGA mirrors EPGA in the goal of linking International Peace and Conflict Resolution to its roots in philosophy. SEPGA scholars seek to build an ethic of action through critical analysis, the raising of awareness, and the promotion of active engagement. 

The goals of SEPGA are multifold: (1) Foster a community of engaged scholars; (2) Explore the role of ethics in decision-making at the local, national, and international level; (3) Build bridges, uniting academia, advocacy, and activism; and (4) Represent EPGA students’ interests and academic concerns.

SEPGA meets biweekly throughout the semester and organizes events such as skills tutorials, guest speakers, social gatherings, and study periods. Recent social gatherings have included local happy hours and a holiday potluck, in addition to events such as a silent vigil to protest an information session held by the NSA on campus. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of many of today's ethical concerns, SEPGA works to create partnerships and gladly collaborates with other campus organizations. SEPGA currently operates two important initiatives:

The Interconnectedness Project: Through this project SEPGA seeks to engage with local faith organizations and explore different manifestations of morality and ethics in peoples' daily lives across the world. This club initiative emphasizes spirituality, mindfulness, and respect for different paths to truth. Through the cultivation of understanding and empathy, SEPGA club members can identify overreaching patterns and commonalities that diverse people and religions share to further realize our interconnectedness. As students interested in conflict resolution and human rights, the Interconnectedness Project provides the opportunity to learn about the diverse history, beliefs, and local community engagement of the world's many faiths. Past events have included a day retreat on Universal Sufism and a roundtable to discuss spirituality.

Bringing Human Rights Home: This new SEPGA initiative creates a platform for discussion on important domestic human rights issues. Examples of previous events include a visit from the DC Office of Human Rights to learn about their "Immigrants Contribute" campaign, and a film screening of Amnesty International's immigration film series, "The Invisibles."

SEPGA Constitution

SEPGA Executive Team

Rachel Baranowski '17 - President

Kenneth Davis '17 - Vice President

Blessing Ipka '18 - Treasurer

Aryn Keyel '18 - Secretary

Amira Noeuv '17 - Social Media Coordinator

Keith Gordon '18 - Communication Coordinator

Abrar Rageh '18 - EPGA Senator