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Carl LeVan Book Launch

African State Governance: Subnational Politics and National Power


Date: Monday, September 21
Time: 3:30-5:15 PM
Location: Abramson Family Founders Room, SIS
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Hashtag: #SISEvent

Featuring Joseph Olayinka Fashagba, Federal University of Nigeria-Lokoja; Edward R. McMahon, University of Vermont; Betsy Super, American Political Science Assocation; Dave Peterson, national Endowment for Democracy; and Gretchen Birkle, International Republican Institute.

Books will be available for purchase.

This book offers a comprehensive picture of state and local legislative politics in Africa. The authors advance innovative explanations for the relationship between subnational politics and national institutions such as the party system and the executive branch. Chapters on Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and South Africa consider the changing nature of African federalism, addressing key questions such as: How will Africa's new oil discoveries impact distributive politics? How do federal legislature influence candidate selection in local elections? Given recent decentralization and various reforms across the continent, what is a state legislature?

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