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New 2011 Faculty

"With the beginning of the fall semester, as we embark together on new endeavors, we are fortunate to have an outstanding group of new faculty, conducting research in some of the most pressing global issues of our time. We are excited to welcome them all and their fresh perspectives." - Dean James M. Goldgeier

Tenure-Line Faculty

T. Garrett Graddy

Dr. T. Garrett Graddy - Food Security and Agriculture

T. Garrett Graddy received an MA at Harvard Divinity School and a PhD in geography at the University of Kentucky. Her research engages international agricultural policies, agrarianism, epistemology, bioethics, and the political and cultural ecology of agrobiodiversity conservation in the U.S. and Peru. In Spring 2011, Dr. Graddy was Visiting Faculty in the Environmental Studies and Latin American Studies departments at Carleton College.

Dr. Ji-Young Lee

Dr. Ji-Young Lee - C.W. Lim and Korea Foundation Professorship of Korea Studies

Dr. Ji-Young Lee was most recently an Andrew W. Mellon postdoctoral fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor in Politics and East Asian Studies at Oberlin College. She earned her PhD in international relations from Georgetown University. She wrote her dissertation on “The Chinese System of International Relations in Early Modern East Asia: China at the Center in the Eyes of the Periphery.” Her research interests include International Relations Theory, East Asian Security (Korea, Japan and China), U.S. National Security and Foreign Policy, International Political Economy, and International Institutions. Her publications have appeared in Asia-Pacific Bulletin, Issues and Insights, and CSIS Comparative Connections. Dr. Lee has taught the following courses: Power Politics and Culture in East Asian Foreign Policy, East Asian Security, America’s Alliances in East Asia, East Asian Politics: the Cases of Japan and Korea and National Security Policy and History.

Dr. Kyoung-Ah Nam

Dr. Kyoung-Ah Nam - Cross-Cultural Communication 

Dr. Nam holds a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in organizational leadership, policy, and development, and received an MA in journalism and communication from the University of Oregon. Dr. Nam’s research and teaching interests include intercultural communication, maximizing study/work abroad, global leadership development, expatriate intercultural training, cross-cultural management, and interaction between international faculty and U.S. students.

Prior to joining AU, Dr. Nam taught courses such as Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Leadership, Intercultural Communication, Critical Issues in International Educational Exchange, Maximizing Study Abroad, and Korean Language and Culture at the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Matthew Taylor

Dr. Matthew Taylor - Transnational Crime, Terrorism, and Corruption 

Professor Taylor's research and teaching interests include crime and corruption, courts and public policy, and the political economy of Latin American development. He received his PhD in government from Georgetown University, his MPP from the Georgetown Public Policy Institute, and his BA in politics from Princeton University. He is the co-editor (with Timothy J. Power) of Corruption and Democracy in Brazil: The Struggle for Accountability (University of Notre Dame Press, 2011) and author of Judging Policy: Courts and Policy Reform in Democratic Brazil (Stanford University Press, 2008). Dr. Taylor's scholarly articles have been published in Comparative Politics, Latin American Research Review, Perspectives on Politics, and World Politics, among other journals.

Dr. Nina Yamanis

Dr. Thespina (Nina) Yamanis - International Development and Public Health

Dr. Yamanis was most recently a postdoctoral fellow at the Duke Global Health Institute. She received a BA in psychology, an MA in public health, and a PhD in health behavior and health education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Yamanis completed her dissertation on the influence of social venues on HIV risk behavior and the prevalence of concurrent sexual partnerships among young men in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She is currently conducting field work in Tanzania, researching the extent to which social networks influence men's ideas and attitudes about concurrent sexual partnerships and risks for HIV/AIDS, as well as piloting a health promotion intervention to reduce such risks.

Term Faculty

SIS is delighted to welcome the following term faculty members:

International Communication: 

Professorial Lecturer Alexandra Parrs


International Development:

Professorial Lecturer Nathan Paxton


International Economic Relations:

Professorial Lecturer John King


International Politics:

Professorial Lecturer Bill Belding

Instructor Dylan Craig

Professorial Lecturer Anders Hardig

Professorial Lecturer Tazreena Sajjad


International Peace and Conflict Resolution:

Professorial Lecturer Adina Friedman

Professorial Lecturer Mohamed Alaa A. Moneim Hassan


U.S. Foreign Policy

Instructor Cindy Collins

Assistant Professor David Mislan

Professorial Lecturer Sally Shelton-Colby

Professorial Lecturer Jenny Wustenberg