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Contemplative Environmental Practice


Portrait of Kritee

Kritee (Kanko), is a Zen teacher, activist, and scientist with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). Kritee works with EDF’s international climate team to link small scale farmers with carbon markets to promote climate mitigation, support development in rural economies, accelerate poverty alleviation, and strengthen adaptation to the effects of climate change. Kritee also provides scientific advice to EDF’s domestic legal teams on governmental policies related to the energy sector. Kritee co-directs Boundless in Motion, an environmentally and socially engaged meditation community in Boulder, Colorado, and is co-founder of Eco-Dharma Sangha, a group of meditation practitioners of different traditions who are seeking ways to bring the fruits of practice to climate and other ecological challenges.

Nicole Salimbene

Nicole Salimbene is a visual artist whose work explores themes of sustainability, intimacy, political voice, and devotion. She has exhibited her work at juried shows nationally and internationally, led workshops at various universities and for diverse institutions, and consulted on a number of philanthropic funded projects seeking to deepen political and vocational engagement. A multiple award winner for her work, Nicole has taught at the Lama Foundation, American University, and Clark University.

Prof. Wapner

Paul Wapner, is professor of Global Environmental Politics in the School of International Service at American University. His books include Living Through the End of Nature, Environmental Activism and World Civic Politics, Principled World Politics, Global Environmental Politics: From Person to Planet (co-edited with Simon Nicholson) and, most recently, Reimagining Climate Change (co-edited with Hilal Elver). Paul’s current work focuses on the lived experience of climate suffering among the most vulnerable and the challenges of environmental ethics.

Jeff Warren

Jeff Warren, is a writer and meditation instructor. His primary subject is the mind – mostly neuroscience and contemplative philosophy – made fun and accessible. He is the author of The Head Trip (Random House 2007), a travel guide to sleeping, dreaming and meditation that critics called “enchanting,” “hilarious,” and “long.” He is a former producer for CBC Radio’s The Current and Ideas and has written for The New York Times, The New Scientist, Discover, and The Globe and Mail among others. He currently writes a regular column about the shifting experience of consciousness for Psychology Tomorrow, and has won awards for his writing on whales and psychedelics, which are never to be mixed, for obvious reasons. In 2010, Jeff founded The Consciousness Explorers Club, a pan-contemplative adventure group in downtown Toronto whose mission is to rescue spiritual and meditation practice from dour fundamentalists of all persuasions. He writes: “At the CEC we approach practice in a spirit of openness and exploration and play in order to deepen our understanding of self and world. We don’t push worldviews; we investigate them. Our ambition is global; our community is local. We sit, we dance, we act. We fall asleep during long lectures. We wake up refreshed!”