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GEP Concentrations

Climate and Energy

Example Courses

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  • SIS-620: Global Climate Change
  • SIS-620: Building a Post Carbon World
  • ANTH-640: Climate Justice 
  • ENVS-596: Climate, Economics and Risk
  • ENVS-505: Energy
  • ENVS-660: Climatology
  • MGMT-596: Managing for Climate Change
  • MGMT-596: Water, Power, and Enterprise
  • PUAD-685: Science and Technology Policy

  • Example Student Work

    Faculty of Interest

    1. Simon Nicholson, Assistant Professor

      SIS-School of Intl Service

      Dr. Simon Nicholson is the director of the Global Environmental Politics program in the School of International Service and Assistant Professor of International Relations. His work focuses on global environmental governance, global food politics, and… More

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      (202) 885-1614