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Environment & Peacebuilding

Environmental degradation and conflict are linked in ways that are as yet poorly understood. Moreover, post-conflict and post-disaster efforts are increasingly attuned to environmental priorities. Professor Ken Conca has dedicated much of his research to exploring peacebuilding opportunities in pre- and post-conflict areas, and to analyzing the promise and weaknesses of the global architecture of peace and the environment at the multilateral level.

Professor Carl Bruch's research focuses on post-conflict natural resource management, adaptation to climate change, and compliance to and enforcement of environmental laws. He directs international programs at the Environmental Law Institute, located in the heart of Washington, DC.

Professor Ken Conca

Dr. Ken Conca, Professor

"Enduring Responses to War and Disaster: The Environmental Dimensions of Recovery," Woodrow Wilson Center (forthcoming 2017). Co-authored with A. van Breda.

"Climate Change and the UN Security Council: Bully Pulpit or Bull in a China Shop?" Global Environmental Politics, Vol. 17, no. 2 (2017). Co-authored with J. Thwaites and G. Lee.

"Environmental Priorities in Post-conflict Recovery: Efficacy of the Needs-assessment Process," Journal of Peacebuilding and Development, Vol. 11, no. 2 (2016). Co-authored with Tim Kovach.

An Unfinished Foundation: The United Nations and Global Environmental Governance. (New York: Oxford University Press, 2015.)

"Using the Full Mandate: Strengthening the Role of Peace and Human Rights in the UN's Approach to Global Environmental Governance," McGill International Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy (2015).

"Environmental Human Rights," in P. Dauvergne, ed., Handbook of Global Environmental Politics (Edward Elgar, 2012).

Professor Carl Bruch

Carl Bruch, JD, Adjunct Professorial Lecturer

"The Law of Pillage, Conflict Resources, and Jus Post Bellum," in C. Stahn, J. Iverson, J. Easterday, eds., Environmental Protection and Transitions from Conflict to Peace: Clarifying Norms, Principles and Practices (Oxford University Press, 2017). Co-authored with O. Radics.

Governance, Natural Resources, and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding (Routledge, 2016). Co-edited with C. Muffett and S. S. Nichols.

"International Frameworks Governing Environmental Emergency Preparedness and Response: An Assessment of Approaches," in J. Peel and D. Fisher, eds., The Role of International Environmental Law in Disaster Risk Reduction (Brill Nijhoff, 2016). Co-authored with R. Nijenhuis and S. N. McClain.

Environmental Peacebuilding Update (a biweekly summary of relevant new publications, events, announcements, jobs, blogs, and news). Co-founder and co-editor with D. Jensen. Published by ELI and UNEP. Wide readership and international circulation. (Jan 2014-present.)