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Student Research

Substantial Research Papers

Click on each subject below to see examples of SRPs that have been completed by students. You can also click under each subject to see an extensive list of SRPs that have been completed on that subject.

Food, Farming, Agriculture

Full list of Food, Farming, and Agriculture SRPs


Full list of Water SRPs

Climate, Energy

Hoover, Jessica (2013), Skiing in the time of Climate Change: How US Ski Areas Can Become Environmental Educators and Climate Activists

Martin Allison (2011), American Indian Knowledge: Why Indigenous Participation is Essential for Effective U.S. Climate Policy

McIlmoil, Rory (2007), One Step Back Toward "Almost Heaven": A Production-Based Proposal for the Elimination of Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining in West Virginia

Schneider, Lynn (2010), A Sweeter Alternative for Whom? Sugarcane Ethanol Production and Rural Livelihoods in Northeast Brazil

McFarland, Brian (2010), Origins, Development and Potential of the International REDD Market

Sutch Aaron (2011), Solar Distributed Generation: An Alternative to Large Scale Hydropower in Costa Rica

Full list of Climate and Energy SRPs

Activism, Justice, Social Transformation

Spak, Brain (2010), The Success of the Copenhagen Accord and The Failure of the Copenhagen Conference

Zanelli , Suzanne (2005), Seeing Through the Eyes of Dragons: Connecting Conservation, Science and Society through Traditional Folklore

Zhu Rong (2011), Mobilizing for a Green World: the Use of Internet as an ENGO Campaingning Tool in the US

Williams, Larke (2009), Managing the Air: Environmental Governance of China's Air Quality

Full list of Activism, Justice, and Social Transformation SRPs

Peace, Conflict, Security

Barry, Fatoumata Binta (2010), Environmental Injustices: Conflict & Health Hazards in Niger Delta

Yadrick, Michael (2006), Peacemaking through Forest Conservation: Conflict Transformation in The Maya Biosphere Reserve, Petén, Guatemala

Full list of Peace, Conflict, and Security SRPs

Conservation, Ecosystems

Goodman, Samuel (2014), The Role of NGOs of Mitigating the Impact of the Interoceanic Highway

McLaughlin Caroline (2011), People living in Protected Areas: A Comparative Study of the Social Impacts of Conservation in Latin America's Maimirauá Sustainable Development Reserve and Ría Celestún Biosphere Reserve

Kushner, Benjamin J.(2009), Navigating a Sea of Values: The Role of Economic Analysis in Promoting the Sustainable Management of Marine Protected Areas in the Caribbean

Weissinger, Rebecca Kiersten (2011), Revitalizing the Rímac: Environmental Quality and Nonformal Education in Peru

De la Batista, José Luis (2009), Development in the Amazon Basin Countries: Alternatives to Extraction of Non-Renewable Natural Resources

Chutz, Noah (2010), What Will It Take To Make REDD Work? Identifying the Weaknesses, Exploring the Role of Sustainable Forest Management and Supporting the Post-Development Potential

Johns, Bryan (2012), PES and REDD+: The Case of Costa Rica

Norikane, Adam (2007), Restructuring Community Forestry: A Look at Tenure, Institutions and Gender in The Gambia

Full list of Conservation and Ecosystem SRPs

Sustainable Design & Practice

Mach, Leon III (2009), The Need for Ecotourism Principles in International Surf Culture

Full list of Sustainable Design and Practice SRPs