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Global Governance, Politics, and Security

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    Professor David Bosco focuses on international organizations and global governance.

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    Mike Rosenberger advises students on their optimum curricular choices.

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    Our student organization, GPSA, works to bridge the gap between campus and downtown.

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Welcome to GGPS

The Global Governance, Politics, and Security Program (GGPS) at American University’s School of International Service (SIS) provides students with the professional and specialized training and skills necessary to launch careers in international affairs and public service. Our program takes a multidisciplinary approach to understanding relations among and beyond states and societies on the global stage. Our mission is to produce professionals with an understanding of global history, political dynamics, and economic systems, as well as the methodological tools and the practical skills needed to make sense of data and turn rigorous analysis into meaningful policy innovation and practical action in the fields of global governance and security.

We believe that GGPS students are defined by both their breadth and depth of knowledge and their professional training. These qualities make them well equipped to thrive in global governance and security where complex problems will require innovative and practical solutions grounded in an understanding of global history and political and economic systems.

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Please Contact:
Morgan A. Seiler
Program Coordinator

School of International Service
SIS 331B

(202) 885-1843