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Global Governance, Politics, and Security

Featured Faculty Research

Professor Amitav Acharya

Acharya, A. (2011). "Overturning Lee Kuan Yew's Legacy in Singapore: Can Democracy and Development Coexist," Overturning Lee Kuan Yew's Legacy in Singapore: Can Democracy and Development Coexist.

Acharya, A. (2011). "Theory Talk #42 - Amitav Acharya,” (On the Relevance of Regions, ASEAN, and Western IR's false universalisms)," Theory Talk #42 - Amitav Acharya,” (On the Relevance of Regions, ASEAN, and Western IR's False Universalisms).

Acharya, A. (2011). "The United States and the East Asia Summit: A New Beginning," 64th ed.

Acharya, A. (2011). "Beyond the Chinese 'Monroe Doctrine'," The Straits Times, Reproduced in People’s Daily Online.

Professor Boaz Atzili

Atzili, B. (2012). Good Fences, Bad Neighbors: Border Fixity and International Conflict (University of Chicago Press) (Refereed).

Atzili, B. (2011). "The 1967 Border: No Legal Basis, No Power basis, But Permanent," p. 2.

Professor David Bosco

Bosco, D. L. (2011). Review of Exorcising the United Nations in Diplomatic History 35(5), pp. 921-923.

Bosco, D. L. (2011). "Course Corrections: The Obama administration at the United Nations," Hague Journal of Diplomacy, 6(3, 4), pp. 335-349 (Refereed).

Bosco, D. L. (2011). "The International Criminal Court and Crime Prevention: Byproduct or Conscious Goal?" vol. 19, 163rd ed. Michigan State University.

Bosco, D. L. (2011). "Luis Moreno-Ocampo," vol. Nov. 2011, Washington, DC: Atlantic Monthly Group.

Professor Dylan Craig

Craig, D. (2011). "Developing a Comparative Perspective on the Use of Non-States in War," Journal of African Security, 4(3) (Refereed).

Professor Anders Hardig

"Smith Richardson Foundation World Politics and Statecraft Fellowship, 2008-2009," Award, Smith Richardson Foundation.

"Tekn. Dr. Marcus Wallenbergs Stiftelse för Utbildning i Internationellt Industriellt Företagande Fellowship (Sweden), 2006-2011," Award, Marcus Wallenberg Foundation.

Professor Patrick Thaddeus Jackson

Coauthor, Jackson, P. T., Jones, J. S. (2011). "Constructivism," in An Introduction to International Relations (Richard Devetak, Anthony Burke, and Jim George, eds.), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Refereed).

Jackson, P. T. (2011). "Three Stories: a way of being in the world," in Autobiographical International Relations: I, IR (Naeem Inayatullah, ed.) pp. 161-172, London: Routledge (Refereed).

Jackson, P. T. (2011). Review of A New Conceptual Geography in The Review of Politics 73, pp. 688-690.

Jackson, P. T. (2011). Review of Review of Ole Wæver and Arlene Tickner, eds., International Relations Around the World, and Amitav Acharya and Barry Buzan, eds., Non-Western International Relations Theory in Perspectives on Politics 9(3), pp. 749-751.

Jackson, P. T. (2011). Review of Review of Jens Bartelson, Visions of World Community in International Affairs 87(1), pp. 196-198.

Professor Matthew Taylor

Taylor, M. (2012). "For Brazil's Dilma, Uprooting Corruption No Easy Task,", pp. 9-13

Professor Celeste Wallander

Wallander, C. A. (2011). "“Russia”," in Climate Change and National Security: A Country-Level Analysis (Daniel Moran, ed.) Washington DC: Georgetown University Press (Refereed).

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