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Global Governance, Politics, and Security


Students in the Global Governance, Politics, and Security program specialize in a substantive area of the field, gaining expertise that can be translated directly into professional opportunities. Students can choose courses, seek internships, and conduct research in areas such as:

  • Traditional and new issues in the field of international security, including terrorism, failed states, human security, and insurgency/counterinsurgency.
  • Major changes taking place in global governance, and how they impact issues such as climate change, development aid, and ethnic conflict.
  • The role of international law in managing international relations.
  • Evaluating the performance of major global organizations.
  • Human rights and gender dimensions of conflict and post-war transition.
  • Causes and consequences of corruption, and efforts to combat it.
  • The response of states and international organizations to trafficking, migration, and refugees.
  • Security relations and institutions in different global regions.
  • Emerging methods of understanding and combating cybercrime.
  • Understanding the impact of globalization on global issues and politics.

Students, in consultation with their faculty advisor, also have the option of designing their own specialization to meet their intellectual and career goals. Faculty advisors approve individually designed specializations that are relevant to the Global Governance, Politics, and Security program, coherent and academically sound, and serve the students’ individual goals.