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GGPS Student Internships

Discover how current students are taking advantage of Washington, DC’s extensive internship opportunities, including international organizations, embassies, U.S. government offices, think tanks, and other non-profits. Learn how students obtained their internships and how the GGPS program has helped them directly in their work.

Shannon Bryan

Shannon Bryan interns in the Office of the Secretary of Defense - Russia, Ukraine & Eurasia Policy. She functions as a Junior Action Officer and is responsible for various tasks including drafting Secretary of Defense correspondence, preparing read-aheads, and writing legislative appeals. Her focus in this office is on Caucasus and Black Sea policy/issues. Shannon learned of the internship through a GGPS program email sent out by Dr. Wallander. As a student concentrating on International Security and Diplomacy, she saw this internship as a unique opportunity. “Even though I had no background knowledge or experience in the regions covered by this office, it just meant that this would be an internship that would augment my in-class learning in numerous ways.” This internship has allowed Shannon too see how what she has learned from the GGPS program is applied in the real world. “I am able to see how things I am learning now, such as from my International Negotiation class, will be employed in my future career, even though I may not be using them at this exact moment.”

Kelly McKone

Kelly McKone interns at the Department of Commerce in the Office of Policy and Strategic Planning. Kelly works with political appointees who directly support the work of Secretary Pritzker and Deputy Secretary Gallagher. She researches a wide range of policy issues and schedules events for the Secretary and Deputy Secretary and contributes to the writing and the editing of memos for their briefing books. Kelly learned of the internship through a co-worker at her part-time job at the U.S. Institute for Peace (USIP). She saw the internship as, “a fantastic opportunity to see the best in the field developing policies.” At USIP, Kelly is a research assistant in the Academy for International Conflict Management and Peacebuilding. She provides support for the numerous courses offered by the Academy, which covers many facets of the peace building field. This position has given her much insight into policy making field and has kept her current on peace building issues. Given Kelly’s International Politics concentration, the internship and part-time job seemed to be a good fit. Kelly feels that the IP program has provided her skills such as “to write concisely and quickly” that have directly helped her with her internship.