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Global Governance, Politics, and Security

Job-Ready Skills

To ensure all students have job-ready skills, the GGPS program also insists students gain language training, professional experience and job-ready skills to turn specialized knowledge into practical action. This insistence makes our students stand out in job interviews and have immediate impact in their organization. Students have the opportunity to participate in skills institutes and our signature practicum as part of their program of study. Skills Institutes are intensive weekend workshops that provide students with hands-on experiential learning in topics such as diplomatic tradecraft, international project management, grant writing and proposal development. Distinguished scholar-practitioners and professionals in the field design these workshops and provide GGPS students with skills they can highlight on their resume and call on in their future work.

The practica program at SIS is designed to give second-year students real world experience in project management and consulting. Students who choose this option work in teams to support the work of actual clients such as U.S. and international government agencies, non-profit organizations and businesses conducting policy and program analysis. Students draw on their substantial research, as well as qualitative and quantitative skills, to prepare final oral and written analysis and recommendations. Other students choose to develop their research skills by working with a faculty member to design and implement a project as their ‘Substantial Research Paper’ or Master’s Thesis. Regardless of which professional development option a student pursues, all students can access the myriad career services offered by SIS to make contacts, get internships and ultimately start a successful career. Indeed, career and alumni services can help students take advantage of an extensive SIS alumni network in addition to the networking opportunities afforded by the program’s Washington, DC location.

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