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Meet the Alumni

Matt, SIS/BA '14

Matt SIS/BA '14

I graduated summa cum laude from the inaugural class of Global Scholars with a BA in International Studies. I am now attending the London School of Economics for an MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation. My time at AU and my experience with the Global Scholars definitely influenced my decision to not only study environmental policy but also to get my postgraduate degree outside of the United States. In particular, the summer Global Scholars program in Ecuador and the Galapagos with Professor Eve Bratman was an important factor in my decision to focus on environmental policy. In addition, my multiple experiences abroad to Ecuador, Belgium, and Denmark helped me become more comfortable studying and living outside the US. Besides my studies at LSE, I plan on joining the LSE Energy Society and also their Tennis Club. After graduation, I plan on returning to the US to work in the field of clean energy, potentially at a niche consulting firm in that industry. 

Bryana, CAS/BS '14

Bryana SIS/BA CAS/BS '14

My name is Bryana Banashefski, and I was a member of the inaugural Global Scholars class. The Global Scholars Program afforded me a strong community on campus that challenged, encouraged, and guided me from week one freshman year up until graduation. It provided a community of high-performing peers that worked together to navigate the accelerated college process. The Global Scholars community remains to be where I found my closest college friends and my most meaningful mentors. I graduated summa cum laude in May 2014 from American University with a BS in Economics with a double major in International Relations. During college, I interned at the Urban Institute, the Brookings Institution, and the International Rescue Committee, along with being heavily involved with DPE -- a Professional Foreign Service Sorority on campus. After graduation, I was hired and began working as an Analyst at Deloitte Consulting within their Federal Practice. I honestly believe the support and rigor of the fast track Global Scholars Program played a significant role in my ability to have incredible opportunities for internships in college, as well as my top choice for post-graduate employment. I highly recommend the Global Scholars Program -- you will be thankful you joined! 

Steph, SIS/BA, ’14, SIS/MA ‘15

Steph SIS/BA '14 SIS/MA '15

With the Global Scholars Program, I have had the opportunity to explore my passions with other motivated and ambitious students as my peers. It has allowed me to not only graduate in three years, but to participate in the BA/MA program during my third year. I am currently in my second year in the Comparative and Regional Studies master’s program in SIS in what should be my fourth year of college, where I have a regional focus on Europe and a field focus of Nationalism, Identity, and Ideology. The Global Scholars Program played a specific hand in where I am today in allowing me to explore my academic interests, in which I studied abroad for a summer in Costa Rica and Ecuador, and then for a semester in Berlin, Germany. Each of these experiences have shaped and enhanced my studies at American University in addition to the advantages of studying in Washington D.C. During my time here, I have interned at U.S. House of Representatives, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and my current internship at Center for European Policy Analysis provides me with skills and knowledge that I know will be useful for my future career. Although I came into this program uncertain of exactly what I wanted to do, the resources and opportunities, as well as my fantastic peers in the Global Scholars Program have played enormous roles in my current studies and my future aspirations.

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