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IR Online Capstone

To be eligible to participate in a Capstone, students must be in good academic standing (including a 3.0 cumulative GPA). MIS students who have completed 15 credits or more and MAIR students who have completed 18 credits or more are eligible to pursue their Capstone. 

Students pursuing their Capstone can choose between either pursuing a Substantial Research Paper (SRP) or Practicum. Both options require both an application and a registration process. Click here for the basic definition of each option.

Read below about Practicum client options for this current semester and those we have offered in previous semesters and learn about the application process to register for Practica and SRPs. Students are encouraged to wait until their final semester to pursue their Capstone, but they are also advised to begin considering which Capstone option they will pursue ahead of the semester in which they intend complete it.

The registration process follows below. Each semester, students eligible to pursue their Capstone will be invited to a web-based information session hosted by the faculty leading the Practicum and SRP projects. This information session will give students the opportunity to ask questions about the application and registration process. An email following this information session will be delivered to students by the IROnline team with specific information about that semester's registration process (including dates, forms, and contact information). If you have questions before then, email your Academic Advisor at

•  STEP 1: Cover Letters/Bios for Clients due

•  STEP 2: Practicum groups identified

•  STEP 3: SRP assignments identified

•  STEP 4: Final Practicum groups assigned

•  STEP 5: First Practica Live-session


Sample IR Online Practicum clients:

  • U.S. Army Africa (USARAF)
  • The International Housing Coalition
  • International City/County Management Association