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Stay Connected with SIS Listservs!

To subscribe to any* of these lists:

  • Send an e-mail to listserv@american.edu
  • In the text of the message enter:
    "Subscribe + Listserv Name (as listed below in bold) + FIRSTNAME LASTNAME"
    (e.g. Subscribe SIS-L JANE SMITH).

SIS-L: SIS-L is the primary SIS listserv.  Posts include notices from your academic advisors, on-campus and off-campus international events, internships and job announcements. 

Program Specific Listservs

The following listservs provide information specifically related to students’ programs of study.

Listserv names marked with an asterisk (*) are restricted to students in the program. Students cannot enroll in those lists directly.

Comparative and Regional Studies: COMREGSTUDIES

Global Environmental Politics/Natural Resources & Sustainable Development: ENVIRPOLMA

International Communication/International Media: ICSF-L (required for all IC students)
IC students also have the IC Academic Group Blackboard site-open only to current IC students

International Development/Development Management:  IDPROGRAM-L* (*ID/DM students should e-mail idpsis@american.edu to be added to IDPROGRAM-L) and IDPSA-L

International Economic Relations: IER-L

International Peace and Conflict Resolution: PCR-L and PEACENEGOTIATIONWATCH

International Politics : IPGRAD-L

US Foreign Policy: USFPSTUDS-L

JD/MA: JDMA-L* (*JD/MA students should e-mail sisgradadvising@american.edu to be added)

Social Enterprise: SE-L

Last updated 30 August 2011