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Stay Connected with SIS Listservs!

To subscribe to any* of these lists:

  • Send an e-mail to
  • In the text of the message enter:
    "Subscribe + Listserv Name (as listed below in bold) + FIRSTNAME LASTNAME"
    (e.g. Subscribe SIS-L JANE SMITH).

SIS-L: The SIS-L listserv was replaced in May 2015 by a new SIS Google Group, open to all, which will function as both a message board and email list. Posts include notices about on-campus and off-campus international events, internships and job announcements. You can sign up for the new group at this link and begin using it now:!forum/au-sis-l

Program Specific Listservs

The following listservs provide information related to students’ specific programs of study. All incoming graduate students are subscribed to the listserv(s) for their program, but students can choose to sign up for additional listservs as desired.

Listserv names marked with an asterisk (*) are restricted to students in the program. Students cannot enroll in those lists directly.

Comparative and Regional Studies: COMREGSTUDIES

Global Environmental Politics/Natural Resources & Sustainable Development: gep_nrsd-L

International Communication/International Media: ICSF-L

International Development/Development Management: IDPROGRAM-L* and IDPSA-L

International Economic Relations: IER-L

International Peace and Conflict Resolution: PCR-L and IPCRAdmin-L*

International Politics : GGPS-L

US Foreign Policy: USFPSTUDS-L


Social Enterprise: SEPROGRAM-L

Last updated 14 June 2016