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Guidelines for MA Thesis Submission

Congratulations on completing your MA Thesis!

These guidelines will help you finalize your thesis and submit it to the university.

Before beginning the submission process, be sure to review American University's thesis guidelines to make sure all aspects of your thesis conform to those rules.


What you will need:


Submission Steps:

  1. Meet with each of your committee members to discuss the final copy of your thesis (typographical errors may still be corrected after this point). Once they have approved your thesis, all committee members must sign both copies of your title page. Your thesis chair should report any pending thesis grades at this time. Students should confirm grades are recorded on their unofficial transcript.
  2. Electronically submit your final thesis to the library by going to the Electronic Thesis Submission Site and clicking on "Submit my dissertation/thesis". The system will prompt you to create an account, provide complete materials about publishing, categorizing, and copyrighting your thesis before directing you to save and upload your thesis as a PDF. You should receive a confirmation email once you have successfully uploaded your thesis.
  3. Leave both signed copies of your title page with the Graduate Advising Office (SIS 250). We will arrange for the Dean's signature and contact you when your materials are ready. Please allow at least 2-3 business days for this process. The Graduate Advising Office will keep one signed copy of your title page for your file and will email you a PDF copy of the signed title page as receipt of your completion of the submission process.

Last updated 28 February 2013