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Graduate Non-Degree Study Application

Graduate Non-degree Study: Guidelines and Instructions

All prospective, first-time non-degree students should direct their application for non-degree study to AU Central's non-degree page.

Registration for graduate non-degree students for Spring 2015 will begin on Monday, November 3, 2014.

The School of International Service (SIS) offers graduate non-degree study for students who are interested in pursuing graduate coursework without the commitment of a degree program.


Who Can Apply?

  • To apply for non-degree graduate study at SIS, applicants must be either a US citizen, permanent resident, or hold a visa status of A1, A2, G4 or H1. Students holding B1, B2, F1, or J1 visas are not permitted to take classes in non-degree status.
  • Applicants must have completed at least a bachelor’s degree at an accredited institution.
  • Applicants who have been denied admission to a graduate program in SIS are not eligible for non-degree study during the academic year after having been denied admission.

Course Selection

  • To review the SIS semester graduate course opportunities and class schedules, please visit the AU Registrar’s Office website at Schedule of Classes . Graduate courses are listed under International Service, begin with the prefix SIS, and have course numbers 500 and above.

Application Process and Deadlines

  • The online application for graduate non-degree study should be submitted by the first day of the semester of registration. Visit the Academic Calendar for semester start dates.
  • Non-degree applications are kept in reserve until the registration period for degree seeking students has ended. The SIS Graduate Advising office will contact non-degree course applicants before the start of the semester to confirm course availability and registration.
  • The SIS Graduate Advising office processes all continuing non-degree students’ initial registrations for each semester.
  • Once the initial registration is processed, non-degree students may make changes to their registration for that semester online through the myAU Portal.
  • The application for graduate non-degree study must be completed again for each semester in which a student wishes to take non-degree courses at SIS.


  • Once registered, non-degree students must follow American University policies on tuition, academic standards, registration deadlines, withdrawals and refunds. The complete Academic Regulations are available on the Registrar’s Office web-page. Please also visit the Academic Calendar for important registration deadlines.
  • SIS non-degree course tuition is charged by the credit hour. Non-degree students will be invoiced and may pay their bill through the Student Accounts office.
  • Non –degree students may not register for courses that require special permission from the instructor/department or courses that are restricted to a particular degree program.
  • Non-degree students who wish to take a course with a pre-requisite must receive written approval from the instructor and provide this documentation to the SIS Graduate Advising office prior to registration.
  • Non-degree students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative graduate GPA in order to take courses at SIS.

Applying Non-Degree Coursework at the School of International Service (SIS)

  • Students may transfer in up to 12 credits of relevant coursework taken as a non-degree student toward a graduate degree program at SIS. Non-degree students who intend to apply to a graduate program at a future date and wish to discuss potential programs and/or selecting courses towards a particular program of study should contact that SIS Graduate Admissions office at 202-885-1646 or email sisgrad@american.edu.
  • Completing coursework in non-degree status does not guarantee admission to a degree program. All non-degree students seeking admission to a degree program must complete the SIS application to a graduate program.
  • All graduate courses taken at AU (including non-degree but not courses taken as part of a completed program) will be counted in a students cumulative graduate GPA, even if not counting towards the requirement of a graduate degree program.


SIS Graduate Advising

Graduate Non-Degree Study Application

Please read the guidelines for Graduate Non-Degree Study and visit the AU Schedule of Classes prior to completing this application.