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MA Professional Experience Requirement

MAIR, MIS, DM and EPGA students do not have a professional experience requirement.

Download Internship Registration Form

Download MA Professional Experience Certification Form


The School of International Service requires that MA students demonstrate relevant and substantive professional experience. Students may certify this experience in one of three ways:

  1. by completing a for-credit or non-credit internship while enrolled in MA program
  2. through current or previous employment
  3. through previous internship experience completed prior to starting the MA program


Students fulfilling the professional experience requirement via option 1 must register a for-credit or non-credit internship during their MA program and students must meet all relevant registration deadlines (see University Academic Calendar). Internships must be registered in the semester in which they are being completed. For internship registration instructions and forms, please visit the Internship Registration page.

Students fulfilling the professional experience requirement via options 2 or 3 above must fill out the MA Professional Experience Certification Form, including supervisor confirmation. Submit form to the SIS Graduate Advising office, either in person or via email at


Last Updated: 17 January 2017