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Online Registration

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Can I register for everything online?

Independent Study (including SRP and thesis) Registration

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Summer Registration

Registration Authorization

Each semester, every student needs to be authorized to register by his/her academic advisor. In most cases, the Graduate Advising Office performs this authorization automatically. We do not do so in cases of academic probation or for students who have used up their available semesters of maintain matriculation.

If when you go to register you are prevented from doing so because you see a message that tells you that you need to see your advisor before you can register, e-mail your advisor and let him/her know and he/she should be able to assist you.

Registration Deadlines

SIS encourages graduate students to register as early as possible to ensure the best available course selection.

All students should register prior to the start of classes. Those whom have not registered for anything by the Friday before classes begin will be charged a $100 late registration fee.

A student registering initially after the first week of the semester will be charged the late fee and be required to prepay for all credits registered.

Online Registration

You will be registering for most of your courses online using When you login to the system, click on "Course Registration" and follow the steps. (If you are a new student and have not yet created a, you will need to do so in order to be able to register for the first time).

You can use this system from the first day you are eligible to add courses for the semester. All degree-seeking graduate students can register starting on the same date.(for Fall, this is usually in late March for continuing students, and early May for new students, For Spring, this usually is in late October for continuing students and early December for new students) through the Add/Drop period.


For the first two weeks of each Fall and Spring semester (and for one week in the cases of most Summer semester courses), students have the opportunity to make changes to their course registrations without penalty. The dropped courses never appear on the students' record and there is no limit to the number of changes a student can make.

The Add/Drop period begins the day that classes begin and ends two full weeks later. The end is noted on the Academic Calendar as:  

  • Last day to add a fall/spring course or change a grade option
  • Last day to drop a fall/spring course for a 100% refund and without a "W" recorded

All students should check their registration on "My Schedule" (in under Academics) before the end of the Add/Drop period to ensure that their registration is accurate. Once the Add/Drop period ends, students cannot add any additional courses (except for independent projects and skills institutes-see below) or drop courses (except skills institutes). If you drop a course after the end of Add/Drop you will be considered to have withdrawn from the class, and will receive a notation of W on your transcript and forfeit at least half of your tuition (subject to the deadlines specified in the Academic Calendar).

Can I register for everything online?

There are some credits that cannot be registered online. These include:

In each of these cases, there are special procedures in place. Neither you nor your advisor will be able to register you online for any of these.

Enrollment in Closed Courses (waitlist)

If a course for which you'd like to register is closed, you'll need to add yourself to the online waitlist for the course. Should a spot open in the course and you are the first person on the waitlist, you will receive an e-mail and have 24 hours to claim your spot (it is very important to check your AU e-mail at least daily if you are waitlisted for any courses!).

The registration system will not allow you to be registered for one section of a course and be waitlisted for another section simultaneously. As such, if there is a section of a course that you prefer that is closed, you will need to remain on the waitlist. Registering yourself for a different section of the same course will remove you from the waitlist for the closed section.

Your can see you what waitlist spot you hold on on "My Waitlist" under "Academics". Registration and waitlist spots are first come, first served. Your advisor cannot move students off the waitlist or manipulate the waitlist to give one student priority over others.

The waitlist system, like the Schedule of Classes, is administered by the University Registrar. You can get more information about the waitlist from their website.

Skills Institutes

Skills institutes are 1-2 credit courses meant to impart fundamental skills in the applicable degree program (currently skills institutes are offered by International Communication, International Development, and International Peace & Conflict Resolution). During the Fall and Spring semesters, skills institutes are usually 1 credit and usually take place over a weekend (Friday-Sunday or Saturday-Sunday) and attendance at all sessions is mandatory to receive a passing grade, and students are responsible for knowing when their skills institutes will take place--missing a skills institute is not grounds for receiving a drop of or refund for the course.

Skills institutes appear in the schedule of classes like other courses:

  • International Communication: SIS-566, SIS-633 (may be taken Pass/Fail only)
  • International Development: SIS-638
  • International Peace & Conflict Resolution: SIS-639 (may be taken Pass/Fail only)

The numbers and applicability of skills institutes varies from program to program. Contact your advisor if you have questions about the fit of skills institutes into your academic program.

Skills Institute Registration

Skills institute registration works like registration for any other course, with the exception that skills institutes can be added and/or dropped later into the semester (until they meet).

During registration and Add/Drop, you can register for skills institutes online like any other course.

However, if you wish to add or drop a skills institute after the end of Add/Drop period, you cannot do so online. In order to have a skills institute added or dropped after Add/Drop you need to e-mail your academic advisor. Your advisor will then process the request for you.


If a course has prerequisites, they will be specifed on the Schedule of Classes. If a student has completed work equivalent to the material covered in the prerequisite courses, he/she can contact the instructor to request a waiver.

In cases where a student has had ECON-603 Introduction to Economic Theory waived (in Development Management, International Development, or International Economic Relations), he/she should contact his/her advisor to request a prereq waiver for any course that lists ECON-603 as a prerequisite.


Last updated 15 August 2011