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Activities and Events | SIS Graduate Student Council

Activities and Events

The GSC organizes three annual events for the SIS community: The Leadership Dinner (Fall) to facilitate a dialogue between faculty, staff, and graduate students about SIS core values and how we embody them; a Community Engagement event (early Spring) to give back to the wider DC community;and the International Affair (late Spring) to celebrate the conclusion of the academic year. In addition, GSC organizes regular social event throughout the academic year.

GSC also sponsors program-specific events. Is your graduate student association organizing an event and in need of money for food, transportation, admission, etc.? Apply for GSC funds here. Not sure how to fill this out? Talk about it with your senator. Don' know who your senator is? Find out here!

Leadership Dinner

Leadership Dinner

The Leadership Dinner is an opportunity to bring together faculty, staff, and students to discuss the core values at SIS--what they are are, what they mean, and how they can be embodied by all the SIS community. Click here for the infographic about SIS Core Values from the 2015-16 Leadership Dinner. For more pictures, check out the Leadership Dinner Photo Album on the GSC Facebook page.


The International Affair

The International Affair is the annual end of the school year celebration organized by GSC for all the SIS graduate students, both first and second year. For more information about this year's event, or to join the planning committee, contact us!

Community Engagement

Service is an important part of life in SIS, and the GSC seeks to give students the opportunity to serve their community in productive, meaningful ways. In addition to collaborating with student associations, including the American University Peace Corps Community (AUPCC), the GSC also sponsors an annual event mid-academic year to engage students in service. For more information about this event, or to get involved, contact us!