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Committees | SIS Graduate Student Council

Collaboration through Committees

In collaboration with the administration of both American University and SIS, the GSC plays an important role in the governance of the university. As stated in the SIS Constitution, GSC is committed to a fully transparent governance process. GSC serves on the following SIS committees:

  • SIS Council

  • SIS Graduate Studies Committee

  • SIS Task Force on MA Education

While GSC is a democratic organization made of up its Senators, it also takes guidance very seriously from its Advisory Board, including the following individuals:

  • Marley Crutcher, Director of SIS Advising Office
  • Jia Jiang, Director of Graduate Enrollment Management
  • Rebecca Davis, Director of SIS Diversity and Inclusion
  • Rebecca Kauma, SIS Student Affairs Assistant and Staff Advisor for GSC
  • Patrick Jackson, Associate Dean for Curriculum and Learning

In addition, the GSC is comprised of three standing committees, each which is tasked with various goals and projects. Each committee is headed by a member of the executive council, excluding the president. These committees include: Board Development (headed by the Vice President), the Budget Committee (headed by the Director of Treasury), and the Communications Committee (headed by the Director of Communication). See below for more information on each committee.

Board Development

The Vice President leads this committee tasked with projects related to the smooth and effective running of the GSC. These include: Constitution management, procedure and process development, internal professional skills development, etc.

Budget Committee

The Treasurer runs this committee, which is concerned primarily to maintaining fiscal responsibility of the GSC and ensuring that GSC funds are spent wisely. Some of the projects for this committee include: budget development, fund request process development, etc.

Communication Committee

The Director of Communication facilitates the various projects and initiatives of this committee. These include: website development and maintenance, graduate student association partnerships and facilitation, event support services, and communication and marketing for GSC and GSC-related initiatives.