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IARI | Mission

Mission Statement

The International Affairs Research Institute, IARI, was launched on March 1, 2013, in the School of International Service to support faculty, staff and students as they seek to operationalize their research.

IARI's four-pronged mission is to (a) encourage, support and advocate for faculty as they pursue research and whenever possible seek extramural funding for this research; (b) undertake outreach to prospective institutional partners and project collaborators; (c) advise, train and support faculty, staff and doctoral students as they pursue proposals for extramural funding; and (d) promote and disseminate faculty research to external audiences, with hopes of facilitating new research collaborations and institutional partnerships.

In addition, the School of International Service is well-positioned to serve as a provider of practical solutions of interest to policymakers here in Washington and abroad from the impartial perspective of leading scholars. SIS faculty are presently undertaking cutting-edge research in (a) global environmental governance, water rights, energy security, food security, and future sustainability; (b) international security, U.S. foreign policy, political violence, nuclear arms, and foreign militaries; (c) international finance, global trade and corruption; and (d) global health in the developing world and international development. SIS also features experts who specialize in every region of the world.

Mission at a Glance

  • Encourage & Support
  • Undertake Outreach
  • Advise & Train
  • Promote & Disseminate


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