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IC Concentrations

Transnational Education

SIS IC Transnational Education

This innovative concentration will prepare the next generation of international relations leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to support educational transformation for social justice both domestically and abroad.

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Global and Social Media, Technology, and Policy

SIS IC Global Media

In this concentration, students will understand the significance of communication policy in the areas of telecommunications and the Internet;cultural policy;media policy;intellectual property rights;and free speech policy including constitutional rights of freedom of expression, internet censorship and media censorship.

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Intercultural Relations

SIS IC Intercultural Relations

This concentration explores the concepts of culture and compares and contrasts aspects of various cultures both domestically within the U.S. and around the globe. In this concentration students examine various issues such as racism, multiculturalism, leadership, and specific cultural regions. 

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Public Diplomacy

SIS IC Public Diplomacy

The concentration in Public Diplomacy prepares students for careers at the intersection of international relations and communication. The public diplomacy curriculum and an array of elective courses provide a foundation in the conceptual and practical dimensions of public diplomacy. 

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Health Communications

SIS IC Global Health

Global health is a critical area of focus in interstate and transnational relations. The era of constant cross-border flows of peoples and globalization forces means that local, national, and global arenas no longer are as distinct as before. As such, issues and challenges of health disparities that confront different communities require multi- and interdisciplinary approaches, of which culturally appropriate health communication perspectives and strategies are vital to the crafting of viable solutions.

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Self Design

SIS IC Self Design

Here in the IC program, we understand that there is no "one-size-fits-all" concentration. That is why we encourage interested students to create their own self design concentration. Students may choose courses across the School of International Service as well as other graduate courses at American University. Students are paired with a faculty advisor to guide them in creating their concentrations.

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