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The Last Three Feet: Case Studies in Public Diplomacy

The AU School of International Service International Communication Program and the Public Diplomacy Council will be co-hosting an event to promote the book "The Last Three Feet: Case Studies in Public Diplomacy" produced by the Public Diplomacy Council. The book event will feature remarks by editor and PDC Treasurer Bill Kiehl as well as a round-table discussion about the book featuring a group of Council members. The event will explore insights and themes that emerge from the case studies featured in the “The Last Feet” – and to discuss their role in the growing field of public diplomacy training and instruction.

The event will be held this coming Monday, September 10, 1:00 - 3:00 pm at American University, Abramson Family Founder's Room, School of International Service, 4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20016.

Event Highlights 

Introductory Remarks: 

Craig Hayden, Assistant Professor, School of International Service, American University

Panel Discussion:

J. Robert Kelley, Director of the Intercultural Management Institute (Moderator); Contributors: Bill Kiehl, Anthony Quainton, Michael Schneider, Csaba Chikes, and Beatrice Camp

Break for Refreshments at 2 pm

Question and Answer Discussion

Panelist Bio’s:

Dr. William Kiehl is founding President and CEO of PD Worldwide, consultants in international public affairs, higher education management, and cross-cultural communication. A long time member of the Public Diplomacy Council – he currently serves as its Treasurer – Bill writes extensively and frequently speaks on issues surrounding public diplomacy, international education, and foreign policy. For more than 35 years he was a public diplomacy Foreign Service officer, serving several senior posts abroad and in Washington. He holds the Doctorate in Higher Education Management from the University of Pennsylvania.  

Ambassador Anthony Quainton is currently Distinguished Diplomat in Residence in the School of International Service. He has held this appointment since September 2003. Prior to joining the faculty Ambassador Quainton spent 38 years as a member of the United Stated Foreign Service. He held posts as Ambassador to Peru, Kuwait, Nicaragua and the Central African Republic. He had earlier posts in Australia, Pakistan, India, Nepal and France. He also served as Director General of the Foreign Service, Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security and Coordinator of the Office for Combating Terrorism. He retired from the Foreign Service in 1997 and subsequently was President and CEO of the National Policy Association from1998 to 2003. Ambassador Quainton received his BA from Princeton University and a B.Litt degree from Oxford University as a Marshall Scholar.

Dr. Michael Schneider - Prior to joining the Maxwell School faculty, he served in U.S. Foreign Service and Civil/Senior Executive Service positions with the U.S. Information agency and Department of State. As Deputy and Acting Associate Director for Policy and Programs at USIA, Schneider helped direct global policy guidance and information activities from 1984-1993. In the mid-90s he served as senior adviser to the Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs. He represented USIA to the National Security Council and the State Department Policy Planning Council. In the late 1980s, he organized a series of informational and exchange initiatives with the USSR. He earned his B.A. in American history from Rochester University, M.A. in American history from Columbia University and Ph.D. in international studies from American University.

Beatrice Camp is currently on a State Department detail to the Smithsonian Institution as Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary for History, Art and Culture, after heading the U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai. She has also served overseas in Thailand, Hungary, and Sweden. In Washington, Ms. Camp managed international information programs for Europe, coordinated educational exchange and advising programs worldwide. Before joining the Foreign Service she worked as a reporter and editor in Washington, DC and New York City and taught English at Chiang Mai University on a fellowship from Oberlin College’s Shansi Association.

Csaba Chikes is a retired Senior Foreign Service officer whose U. S. Information Agency (USIA) career focused on Western Europe and the Warsaw Pact countries. Washington assignments included Chief of Publications, and – during the collapse of the Iron Curtain - USIA’s counterpart to the Department of State’s Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for European Affairs, with oversight of USIA posts in the Soviet Union, Central and Southern Europe. He has an M.A. and is ABD in American Studies from Emory University, with scant probability of degree completion due to the ongoing heavenward passage of his dissertation committee members throughout the years since the fall of 1971, when he departed the Emory campus for the Foreign Service.

An online recording of the event will be made available after September 10.

About the Public Diplomacy Council

The Public Diplomacy Council is a nonprofit organization committed to the importance of the academic study, professional practice, and responsible advocacy of public diplomacy. Its members believe that understanding, informing, and influencing foreign publics and dialogue between Americans and United States’ institutions and their counterparts abroad are vital to the national interest and core elements of 21st century American diplomacy.

The Public Diplomacy Council is committed to fostering awareness of the public, social, educational, and cultural dimensions of world affairs. In recent years the Council and the Public Diplomacy Institute have become a primary source of information on the academic study of public diplomacy and on legislative and executive branch efforts to strengthen its use as an essential element of statecraft.

For more information about the PDC, please visit: http://publicdiplomacycouncil.org/

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