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Certificate in International Arts Management

The new graduate Certificate in International Arts Management is the first in the world to combine intellectual examination of and practical training in international arts management. A collaboration between the highly ranked Arts Management Program and the International Communications Program of the School of International Service (ranked #5 in the world), this certificate unites student interest in the arts, culture, and international affairs. Alumni with this certificate can expect to work in embassies, international cultural NGOs, international divisions of cultural institutions, government entities dedicated to arts and culture and similar organizations.

Students completing the Certificate in International Arts Management will have a specialization that makes them uniquely qualified to tackle a wide range of intercultural and international challenges within the diverse field of international arts. In particular, an International Arts Management Certificate will provide innovative international education and training to students in the skills necessary to engage in cultural work in projects of international scope or that have significant cross-cultural or transnational components. As a result, students will be able to act as community, national, and international leaders throughout the domain of arts and culture in a global context.

A joint certificate awarded by American University's School of International Service and College of Arts and Sciences is a symbol of professional achievement widely recognized by international organizations, non-profit agencies, corporate and government employers. Graduate certificates are credit programs designed for individuals who want an advanced academic credential without necessarily enrolling in a degree program.

Classes are offered every spring and fall. The certificate program requires 18 hours of approved graduate level course work. Up to 12 of the certificate credits are transferable to a master's degree program for which you will have laid a strong foundation. Read the degree requirements here.