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David Hirschmann Award

David Hirschmann Award

David Hirschmann

The David Hirschmann Award is distributed annually to a second-year student from a developing country to take note of, reward, and encourage excellence in academic performance and community service. Fellowship funds were raised by the International Development Program (IDP) Alumni Board by and from IDP alumni and faculty. The fellowship honors David Hirschmann, who has served on the faculty of the IDP for over 30 years and was ID Program Director for 11 years. He has also served as faculty patron of the IDP Alumni Board for over 25 years. Dr. Hirschmann is from South Africa.


Eligibility Guidelines

This award is given to a student from a developing country who has completed their first year of study (at least 15 credits) in the ID or DM masters program. The two main criteria are: an excellent academic record and a record of effective and active service to outside communities and/or relevant student organizations. The person’s "fit" with the ideals of the program will also be taken into account. The Fellowship amount is for $2000, to be used toward spring semester tuition. The awardee is selected from a pool of outstanding students chosen by the ID Program Director. Eligible candidates may not have any other scholarship or fellowship. 

Awardee Profiles

2017 - Rashmi K C, International Development

Graduating in May 2017 with an MA in International Development, Rashmi K C came to American University from Nepal with an aspiration to understand the root causes of extreme poverty and the ways to alleviate it. Her personal experience of growing up as a child in poverty and her decade-long, professional experience in the development sector in Nepal made her passionate to learn more about poverty. Her graduate school experience has been great as she was able to understand poverty from a systematic standpoint. She has become a vocal critic of the business-as-usual way of conducting development, which has limited impact on the ground. Rashmi wants to venture down a career that allows her to generate development differently. Her areas of expertise are education, social entrepreneurship, and development economics.