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International Development Program | SIS

Management Practicum

(for Development Management Students)

The objective of the practicum is to put yourself in the position of a manager (in some cases a junior one) who will accomplish some practical and observable purpose in which your organization or community is positively interested; to the extent that this is feasible, and it usually is, your organization should agree and hold you (notionally if not formally) accountable for the results achieved.

This does not mean that you need to achieve your objectives in all respects, but rather that they (the organization or community) as well as you observe the progress, including the necessary adaptations that you do eventually make.

In the process you will self-consciously take the viewpoint of a manager, attempting to apply some selected principles of management (for example from the DM and PA courses) and carefully observe the process.

Click here for DM practicum guidelines.

For more information on the SIS Practica for MAID students, please click here.

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