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International Development Program | SIS

Tinker-Walker Fellowships

Acacia Tree

Students are encouraged to include overseas field experience in their research, internship, or practicum. Through the International Development program’s endowed Irene Tinker-Millidge Walker Fellowship, students can receive financial support to offset the costs of study.

Recently, students have used this fellowship to work with:
  • Population Services International- Rwanda (Malaria and Child Health and Planning)
  • CHF International- Rwanda
  • Population Services International- Mali (Reproductive Health)
  • Thai Binh Foundation- Vietnam (Education)
  • IFPRI- Ghana (Agriculture)
  • BaGA Maidi Development Trust- South Africa (Education)
  • IRC- Ethiopia (Cultural Orientation for Refugees)
  • HOPE- Republic of the Congo (Microfinance)
  • UNHCR- Israel (Disability and Chronic Illness among Refugees)
  • ZOA Refugee Care- South Sudan (Food Security and Livelihoods)
  • Global Giving Foundation- Turkey and Armenia (Disability and Education)