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Development Economics Concentration


The Development Economics concentration is a more formal concentration within the Master of Arts in International Development. It was established jointly between the International Development Program and the Department of Economics and was designed to give students a strong grasp of economic theory as it pertains to development as well as a good background in quantitative analysis. Students can choose to enter this concentration once they are enrolled in their first semester and do not have to apply for it in their initial application to SIS.

Concentration Requirements

Core Classes

SIS.637 International Development

ECON.603 Intro to Economic Theory (Note: May be waived.)

SIS.636 Micropolitics of Development

ECON.500 Microeconomics

Choose one of the following:

SIS.533 Population, Migration and Development

SIS.624 Children and International Development

SIS.635 Rural Development

SIS.635 Urban Development

SIS.635 Community Development

SIS.635 Health in Developing Countries

SIS.650 Global Economy and Sustainable Development


(Note: Can include a maximum of 6 credits of SIS-638 Skills Institutes at 1 credit each)

ECON.501 Macroeconomics [Required]

ECON.662 Development Microeconomics [Required]

ECON.663 Development Macroeconomics [Required]

Project Evaluation or one other Economics course

One additional International Development course


Can be an elective course, Skills Institutes, internship for credit or Master's Thesis credits

Research and Professional Methods

ECON.505 Intro to Mathematical Economics

ECON.523 Applied Econometrics I


SIS.795 Substantive Research Paper (SRP) in Development Economics


SIS.797 Master's Thesis


SIS.793 Practicum