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International Development Program Student Association

 The mission of the International Development Program Student Association (IDPSA) is to support, inspire, and foster the growth of innovative and progressive future international development practitioners who seek to advance people-centered development by linking critical inquiry with community action.

 Every graduate student enrolled in the International Development Program is a member of the IDPSA and can participate in its activities. It is led by the IDPSA Executive Board who are elected by the IDP student body. Descriptions of the Executive Board positions can be found here.

2013-2014 IDPSA Executive Board:

President- Jen Marlay

Vice-President- Emily Kenney

Treasurer- Emily Torres

Communications Chair- Rou Zhang

Faculty-Student Liaison- Mali Irvin

Friday Forum Coordinators- Asmaa Elsayed and Esther Spindler

Social Chair- Sara Lacy and Molly Maguire Marshall

Alumni Liaison- Sarah Grace Ellison

Community Service Chair- Eva Miller

Skills Institutes

Intensive three-day courses, training students in state-of-the-art international development techniques

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Tinker-Walker Fellowships

Acacia Tree

Through the Irene Tinker-Millidge Walker Fellowship, students can receive financial support to offset the costs of including overseas field experience in their research, internship, or practicum.

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