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Spring 2015

Photo of Prof. Randall Henning

In April, Prof. Randall Henning spoke on a Bretton Woods Committee panel, "Enhancing Eurozone Stability: Progress Toward Banking and Capital Markets Reform," at the Embassy of Italy in Washington, DC.

Prof. Arturo Porzecanski at Wilson Center Panel

Prof. Arturo Porzecanski served as a discussant on a panel, Will Brazil Keep its Investment Grade Status? at the Wilson Center's Brazil Institute in April. The Institute convened a panel of experts to assess Brazil's economic outlook, in the wake of the newly appointed Finance Minister Joaquim Levy's attempt to secure congressional approval of unpopular austerity measures, and his development of initiatives to shorten the ongoing recession and restore confidence in the government -- a delicate situation which has caused speculation about whether the country could lose its coveted investment grade. Prof. Porzecanski served alongside the Secretary for Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Finance; a senior rating-agency analyst from Standard & Poor's; and a scholar from the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

Fall 2014

Steve Silvia Award Photo

Prof. Stephen Silvia accepting the 2014 DAAD Prize in German and European studies at the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS) Award Dinner.


In December, Prof. Stephen Silvia received the 2014 German Academic Exchange Service Prize for Distinguished Scholarship in German and European Studies for his career contributions to the field of Economics/Economic History.


Prof. Miles Kahler authored a chapter, "Who is Liberal Now? Rising Powers and Global Norms," for inclusion in the forthcoming Why Govern? Rethinking Demand, Purpose, and Progress in Global Governance, edited by Prof. Amitav Acharya of SIS.

Prof. Arturo Porzecanski was published twice by the Financial Times in the Fall: in September regarding an initiative to involve the United Nations in the resolution of sovereign debt problems, and in November about expectations surrounding the G20 Summit in Australia, "The G20 must keep it focused". An oped written by him on "Puerto Rico Needs a Financial Control Board" was published in the Washington DC newspaper The Hill in October. He was interviewed three times during October-November on CCTV about developments and prospects in Brazil: on its economic challenges, post-election outlook, and election-related economic issues. In October, Uruguay's El Pais newspaper featured Prof. Porzecanski in a lengthy interview about the track record of economic policy in that country, and likewise Brazil's leading daily Folha de São Paulo interviewed him concerning Brazil's worsening reputation in international markets. In September, Argentina's El Cronista newspaper featured an interview with him on that country's debt crisis, and so did Uruguay's El Observador, which ran an interview on Prof. Porzecanski's thoughts on Uruguay's relationship with Argentina.


Prof. Stephen Silvia co-authored a chapter this Fall, "Gewerkschaften und Arbeitgeberverbände," [Unions and Employers Associations]," in a book, Handbuch Gewerkschaften in Deutschland (Wolfgang Schroeder, ed.).


Prof. Manuel Suárez-Mier published a weekly column on current economic events in the "Money" section of Mexico's leading newspaper Excelsior and also several commentaries as a scholar affiliated with CATO's Spanish-language institute.


Prof. Krista Tuomi produced a working paper this year, "Early Stage Business Tax Credits: Benefit or Cost for US States?"  



Prof. Miles Kahler spoke on two panels at the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting in August 2014. He also visited Duke University in October, first serving as a panel participant on Strategy and Development at the Sarah Bermeo Book Workshop, and, primarily, to give a talk, "The Study of World Politics in a Post-Paradigm, Post-Post-Cold War World," at the Duke University Faculty & Graduate Student International Relations Symposium. In October, he presented a paper, "Middle Powers, Network Power, and Soft Power," at a conference, "South Korea as a Middle Power," at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). Later in October, he presented a paper, "Rising Powers and Alternative Modes of Global Governance," and was a keynote speaker on "The State of the Nation-State, 1914-2014," at the Frank M. Woods Lectures at the University of Toronto Munk School of Global Affairs' Trudeau Centre for Peace, Conflict and Justice. In November, Kahler organized and chaired a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) roundtable on Rising Powers and World Politics. He also led a panel discussion, "Regional Cooperation" at the Inter-American Development Bank's December event, "Regional Public Goods and Sustainable Development."

Photo of Dr. Arturo Porzecanski speaking at SIPA in November 2014

Dr. Arturo Porzecanski speaking at a Columbia University SIPA panel event, "Are BRICs a New Platform for Global Governance?" in November 2014.

Prof. Arturo Porzecanski gave a talk in October 2014 at Johns Hopkins SAIS, "Argentina and the Debt Default Saga." In November, he was a discussant in two panels, one on "After Argentina: Government Debt Crises, Global Finance and the Law," at Georgetown University Law School, and another on "Are BRICS a New Platform for Global Economic Governance?" at Columbia University's SIPA, in New York. In December, Prof. Porzecanski spoke at a meeting of the National Economists Club in Washington, DC about the ongoing Argentine debt crisis, in a talk titled "Argentina's Sovereign Debt Saga: Facts and Implications." He was also a discussant on a panel in New York about "Puerto Rico: Scenarios for 2015" sponsored by EMTA, the Trade Association for the Emerging Markets. 


Prof. Stephen Silvia gave an October 2014 presentation titled "Internationalization of Industrial Relations: The Example of German Car Manufacturers in the USA," at an industrial relations conference in Bologna, Italy. That same month, he presented on German economic unity at a Catholic University of America conference, "Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall." In November, Prof. Silvia spoke on, "Germany Since 1989: Economic and Social Developments," at the US Department of State's Foreign Service Institute.


Prof. Krista Tuomi gave a presentation in November, "Tax Incentives: What Works?," at the European Trade Association for Business Angels' Annual Conference in Helsinki, Finland.

Summer 2014

Photo of SIS Prof. Stephen Silvia

Prof. Stephen Silvia Takes on New Responsibilities

IER is pleased to announce the promotion of faculty member Stephen Silvia from Associate Professor to Professor within the School of International Service. Dr. Silvia has also stepped down as the inaugural director of the Online Master of Arts in International Relations program after two years of service, and will be taking on a newly elected position as Chair of the university's Committee on Faculty Actions for AY 2014/15.

This summer, Prof. Silvia gave a June presentation, "Labor Markets in Europe," at the US State Department's Foreign Service Institute. In July, he spoke on "Employment Creation in the United States of America," at a labor symposium held at Taiwan's Ministry of Labor.


Spring 2014

Alena Sakhonchik and Jim Goldgeier at Awards Cereniby

Alena Sakhonchik with SIS Dean Jim Goldgeier.


Two IER graduate students won sought-after awards at the School of International Service Annual Awards Ceremony:

Alex Choy won the Alan Taylor Memorial Award for Excellence in Outstanding Academic Performance and Service to the University.

Alena Sakhonchik won the Charles H. Heimsath Memorial Award for Excellence in Style and Substance of Written Work in International Relations at the Undergraduate Level.


Congratulations to our students!!!!
Alex Choy and Dean Jim Goldgeier at the SIS Awards Ceremony 2014

Alex Choy with SIS Dean Jim Goldgeier after receiving his award.


Prof. Daniel Bernhofen published an article titled "Preferences, rent destruction and multilateral liberalization: The building block effect of CUSFTA" with Tobias Ketterer and Chris Milner in Journal of International Economics.

Prof. Gregory Fuller authored a chapter titled "Europe and the Global Economic Crisis," for the fifth edition of Europe Today: A Twenty-First Century Introduction, due out in June 2014. He also authored sections on "Structural Adjustment Programs" and "Sovereign Debt" in World Democracy: From Ancient Times to the People's Revolutions of the 21st Century, due out in 2014.


Prof. Arturo Porzecanski published a chapter titled "Borrowing and debt: how do sovereigns get into trouble?" in the book Sovereign Debt Management edited by Lee C. Buchheit and Rosa M. Lastra, published by Oxford University Press in January 2014. He also published an oped article titled "Time to get serious at the IDB" in The Financial Times on January 13, 2014. In addition, on February 3, 2014, he was interviewed exclusively in El País (Uruguay) newspaper on international and regional economic issues, and also in Brazil's leading financial daily, Valor Econômico on Mexico's improved creditworthiness relative to Brazil's, on February 6, 2014. Porzecanski also published two op-eds in the Brazilian press critical of Brazilian foreign economic diplomacy, the first in Valor Econômico on March 20, 2014, and the second in Folha de São Paulo on April 12, 2014. On May 29, 2014, his views on the economic and banking situation in Puerto Rico were published in the Capitol Hill newspaper The Hill. On June 12, 2014, the Financial Times blog beyondbrics featured his views on Argentina's debt restructuring.

The February 18, 2014 edition of The New York Times published Prof. Stephen Silvia's op-ed, "Prove to Workers That their Lives will be Better," concerning unionization in the United States. He also authored two blog posts in February, on, "Five key questions -- and answers -- about the threat to Volkswagen investment in the South," for the Washington Post's The Monkey Cage, and the other, "Transplant Rejection: A UAW-VW Post Mortem," for the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS).

Prof. Manuel Suárez-Mier published a weekly column on current economic events in the "Money" section of Mexico's leading newspaper Excelsior and also several commentaries as a scholar affiliated with CATO's Spanish-language institute.

Presentations & Other Activities

Prof. Daniel Bernhofen presented a paper at the American Economic Association Meetings in Philadelphia, PA, on January 3-5, 2014. He also organized a session at that conference titled "Assessing the welfare impacts of economic integration: evidence from the 19th and 20th centuries". He also gave a presentation at Syracuse University on February 25, 2014, titled "Estimating the effects of the container revolution on world trade", with Drs. Zouheir El-Sahli and Richard Kneller, as part of the Maxwell School's Trade, Development, and Political Economy Workshop series.


Prof. Randall Henning presented a paper, "The ECB as a Strategic Actor: The Brave New World of Central Banking in the Euro Crisis," at the annual meeting of the Council of European Studies in Washington in March 2014. Prof. Henning also spoke at the Brookings Institution conference on Europe's Economic Future on June 6, 2014.

Prof. Arturo Porzecanski spoke at a program on "Argentina at the Crossroads" sponsored by the Hudson Institute, which took place in Washington DC on January 15, 2014. He was also a panelist at a seminar on "Sovereign Debt Restructuring: A Better Way Forward?" hosted by EMTA, which was held in Washington DC on January 16, 2014. Furthermore, he spoke on "Economic Trends in the Southern Cone (of South America)" at the U.S. State Department's Foreign Service Institute, in Arlington VA on February 4, 2014. He was also a panelist at an American University Kay Spiritual Life Center Lounge discussion on "New Rules for the International Financial Order"which took place on February 19, 2014. Moreover, he was a panelist at an event on "The Future of Argentina: Through the Looking Glass" sponsored by EMTA, which took place in New York City on February 28, 2014. He was also the moderator for a discussion of Argentina's economic and political outlook, co-sponsored by the Brookings Institution and American University, which was held in Washington DC on March 24, 2014. Furthermore, he spoke on "The Economic and Political Outlook in Argentina" at the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, in Washington DC on March 26, 2014. Porzecanski also chaired a discussion on "Argentina: Next Steps" as part of BBVA Bank's 4th Latin American Local Markets & Issuer Conference, which took place May 8, 2014, at the Pierre Hotel in New York. He also participated in a meeting of The Good Judgment Project, sponsored by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, which took place at American University on May 15, 2014.

Prof. Stephen Silvia presented a paper, “German Trade Unions Wrestle with Reform: The Strategies of IG Metall, IG BCE and ver.di” a the Council for European Studies' 21st International Conference of Europeanists in Washington, DC in March 2014. On April 9, 2014, Dr. Silvia gave a talk, “The Euro and the European Welfare State,” at an event concerning "The Sustainability of European Welfare Systems following the Debt Crisis," at The George Washington University in April 2014. He also gave a talk, "European Labor Markets and Social Policy," at the US Department of State's Foreign Service Institute in February.


Prof. Manuel Suárez-Mier took over as the new Director of American University's Center for North American Studies as of January 1, 2014, succeeding Founding Director Prof. Robert Pastor, who retired at the end of 2013 and passed away on January 8, 2014. He was also interviewed in January on National Public Radio.

Prof. Krista Tuomi led a panel discussion focused on "Tax Policy: What Works," at the Angel Capital Association Annual Conference in Washington, DC, in April 2014.

Fall 2013



Prof. Daniel Bernhofen co-edited the October 2013 Palgrave Handbook of International Trade together with Rod Falvey, David Greenaway, and Udo Kreichemeier.

Prof. Arturo Porzecanski published a chapter titled “Behind the 2012 Greek Default and Restructuring” in the book Sovereign Debt and Debt Restructuring edited by Eugenio A. Bruno, published by Globe Business Publishing. He also published an oped article titled “Argentina threw its creditors under the bus” in The Financial Times on November 12, 2013. Prof. Porzecanski also authored a monograph titled “Brazil’s Place in the Global Economy” in the series Perspectives on the Americas released by the University of Miami’s Center for Hemispheric Policy, in December 2013.


Prof. Stephen Silvia published a new book, "Holding the Shop Together: German Industrial Relations in the Postwar Era," which investigates the role of industrial relations and trade unions in the rise of the German economy after World War II. Dr. Silvia also authored a commentary, "Waiting for German Domestic-led Growth," for the American Institute of Contemporary German Studies.


Prof. Manuel Suárez-Mier published a weekly column on current economic events in the "Money" section of Mexico's leading newspaper Excelsior and also several commentaries as a scholar affiliated with CATO's Spanish-language institute.

Presentations and Other Activities

Prof. Daniel Bernhofen presented a paper, "A Ricardian factor characterization of the gains from trade," at the Washington Area Economic History Seminar at American University in November. He also presented a paper called "The effects of preferential trade agreements on the multilateral process," at the Heidelberg Center for American Studies Conference in Heidelberg, Germany, in December.


Prof. Gregory Fuller presented a paper titled "Destructive Creation: The Unintended Consequences of the Rise of Finance," at the European Union Studies Biennial Conference in Baltimore, MD.

Prof. Arturo Porzecanski spoke at a program on "Argentina As a 'Bad Actor' On the World Stage" at a Heritage Foundation event which took place in Washington DC on September 25, 2013. He was also a panelist in "Five Years Later: Lessons from the 2008 Financial Crisis" as a part of the French-American Global Forum, which took place at American University on October 14, 2013. He was also the keynote speaker at "A Discussion of Argentina's Sovereign Debt Case" which was hosted by the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS-JHU), and took place in Washington DC on November 14, 2013. Furthermore, he spoke at a program on "Argentina v. Holdout Creditors: Applying the Rule of Law to Resolve Debt Default" hosted by the CATO Institute in Washington DC, on December 11, 2013. Moreover, he was a panelist at an event on "Sovereign Debt Restructuring: A Better Way Forward?" sponsored by EMTA, which took place in New York City on December 18, 2013.


Prof. Stephen Silvia gave several presentations related to his new book, "Holding the Shop Together," throughout Fall 2013. In addition, he gave several talks on European economics and labor to the U.S. Department of State Foreign Service Institute. Dr. Silvia also presented a paper, "Is Economic Hegemony Necessary for Maintaining Open Trade? An Empirical Challenge to the Hegemonic Stability Theory,” coauthored with Michael Stanaitis, to the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting in Chicago in September 2013.


Prof. Manuel Suárez-Mier was the co-organizer of a major conference titled “The NAFTA Promise and the North American Reality: The Gap and How to Narrow It” which took place at American University on October 31-November 1, 2013. He was also interviewed multiple times on China’s 24-hour television network CCTV, CNN en Español, Televisa and on Mexico’s TV Azteca, on topics related to the economic situation of various Latin American countries.

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