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International Economic Relations | SIS

Themes of the IER Program

Themes in International Economic Relations include:

  • International commercial and financial policies, such as protectionism and currency regimes;
  • The globalization of commodity and financial markets; the role of the World Trade Organization; bilateral and regional trade and investment agreements; and private-sector actors and organizations.
  • Foreign direct and portfolio investment, and relations between multinational corporations and national governments.
  • The politics and main institutions of the global economy.
  • Transformation of the international monetary system and the appearance of monetary regionalism, e.g., European monetary union.
  • Financial crises and efforts to prevent and managethem through reforms of domestic currency regimes and domestic or international financial institutions.
  • Democratic accountability, transparency, and management of international economic organizations.
  • Practices and techniques typical of international trade and financial transactions.
  • Trade-offs between economic efficiency and political considerations that underlie choices about international economic policies.

IER Program Requirements

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Read requirements for the MA in International Affairs: International Economic Relations.

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