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International Economic Relations | SIS

Useful Links

Students have found these sites useful when conducting research for course papers, Substantial Research Papers, and capstone projects. These sites also provide a useful starting point for searching for job openings in government agencies, think tanks and international organizations related to international trade, money and finance.

International Economic Relations Resources

Asian Development Bank

Bank for International Settlements


European Central Bank

European Commission

Roubini's East Asia Homepage

Public Citizen

European Community

European Parliament

Bank of England

De Nederlandsche Bank

Lloyds Bank



British Computer Society

EC Information Society


North American Development Bank

Moody's Investors Service

Standard and Poors

Bloomberg News  

Reuters News

The New York Stock Exchange

Inter-American Development Bank

International Monetary Fund

The World Bank

Institute for International Economics

American Economic Association

Centre for Economic Policy and Research

Economics Strategy Institute

National Bureau of Economic Research

G7 Information Centre

APEC Secretariat

European Union


Organization of American States

Financial Times

Journal of Commerce

American Enterprise Institute

Brookings Institution

The CATO Institute

Centre for European Policy Studies

Center for Strategic International Studies

Global Policy Forum

World Economic Forum

National Association of Business Economics

American Enterprise Institute

Center for International Development