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Patricia Coleman


Our 5 Senses at Work in Our Cross-Cultural Interactions.

Patricia Coleman

Description: This session invites participants to explore cultural neuroscience and better understand how cultural values, beliefs and attitudes shape and are shaped by the mind across cultures. Participants will be challenged to engage their own references and perceptions to identify and embrace true cultural meaning behind communication, music, dance, food, art customs and traditions. Session participation will become more conscious of habits caused by perception, increase skills of cultural awareness and enhance their ability to judge cultural differences.

Level: Intermediate

Delivery: Game/Simulation

Track: Cross-Cutting Topics in Intercultural Relations

President of A-Z World Connections, Inc.

Patricia M. Coleman, president of A-Z World Connections, Inc., specializes in international business, cross-cultural consulting, and diversity training. She has studied, taught, and conducted business internationally for over 20 years. Her clients seek to enter international markets, reach diverse clientele, provide multicultural service excellence, or manage a diverse workforce globally. Some of her work includes a series of workshops, consulting projects, and speaking engagements focusing on ethnic identity pride and awareness in the workforce and multi-cultural and bi-racial families. Topics include: "Doing Business with multicultural teams", "What Are You?", "Shades of Black in the Americas" and "Faces of Women around the World." Ms. Coleman is multilingual and holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Business and Modern Languages, and an MBA with concentration in International Business and Marketing.