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Deepak Adhikary & Samson Aparici David


The Impact of Cultural Context in Simulation Training: An Experiment

Presenter(s): Deepak Adhikary & Samson Aparici David

Description: Simulations vary in their design and execution across organizations and geographies. Whether technology-based, face-to-face, or blended, the purpose of simulations is to replicate the conditions that participants will face in real life in a controlled environment. What is the impact of culture in the design of simulations? Will the results be different if the simulation presents very detailed cultural references versus a generic scenario? How will participants from outside cultures respond? The facilitators encounter these types of questions in their day-to-day work and need to consider them in the design and facilitation of their simulations. The participants in this presentation will themselves be immersed in different scenarios and then debrief the results with the group to try and draw some conclusions on the different approaches.

Deepak Adhikary

Principal Operations Officer, International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group)

Deepak has 30 years of international development experience and has worked with various international organizations like the GTZ, Swisscontact/SDC, ILO, UNIDO etc in Asia, Africa and Latin America besides teaching as guest faculty in various universities. His focus has been on Action and Experiential Learning, Inter-cultural Management, Program Design, Management and Evaluation with the public and the private sector. He is one of the developers of the world class CEFE (Competency-based Economies via Formation of Entrepreneurs) training method, now applied in 140 countries by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ). Deepak has been a student of Goert Hofsted at RVB in the Netherlands, and been associated with the International Institute for Intercultural Management in The Hague.

Samson Apaciri David

Senior Learning Officer, International Finance Corporation

David has 20 years of experience consulting in global organizational transformation for private and public sector clients and non-profit economic development. David was Senior Manager of Deloitte Consulting's Human Capital Practice in Barcelona, Spain and New York. He has led large complex international projects, working with multi-cultural teams. At the International Finance Corporation David focuses on key talent and learning programs such as Onboarding, design and implementation of learning curricula, and design and training of staff across the globe in project management and consulting and selling skills.