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Chuck Needleman & Justine Ickes


Culture: Rhyming & Relating

Chuck Needleman & Justine Ickes

Description: Inspired by poetry slam –the live events where poets read their    work – this experiential session combines spoken word performance, facilitated discussion, and collaborative design to empower participants to give voice to their unique cross-cultural stories. The facilitators will kick off this high-energy audience-centered session with a multi-media-enhanced reading of a poem that illustrates the theme of crossing cultures. Participants will then be invited to share their own spoken word favorites —poetry, song lyrics, quotes —that express the theme of "culture in my life." Next, the group will form clusters for a guided discussion of questions like, "What poem did you find most inspiring? What is your untold personal story about culture?" Finally, participants will choose from several stations (each tapping into a different learning modality) to create a "poetic" work that summarizes their insights. This session is designed for expats, repats, lovepats, immigrants, people who work in the international arena, and anyone who communes with the cross-cultural Muse. Objectives: By the end of this session participants will be able to: Express and discuss their personal beliefs, attitudes and experience of culture and its impact on their lives;Describe the benefits of using literature and spoken word performance in training;Describe at least two techniques for debriefing small and large group discussions;Have some serious fun.


Chuck Needleman

Chuck Needlman has been a management consultant, training manager, coach and facilitator for over 30 years. He served in Vietnam from 1967 to 1968 and was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Liberia from 1975 to 1977. He worked for over six years with Marriott Corporation and 20 years for the federal government. He is dedicated to interactive training; he has developed and implemented a broad variety of strategies and programs for training and development, business planning, diversity, team building, and cross-cultural issues for all levels of organizations and government. Currently, he consults with the Foreign Service Institute, Peace Corps, USAID and the US Patent and Trade Office.

Justine Ickes

Instructional designer, trainer and cultural anthropologist Justine Ickes specializes in international education, cross-cultural training, and non-profit communications. Her writing has appeared in Gastronomica, Language Magazine, and The Magazine, among others. On her blog Justine explores multicultural relationships, her Turkish-American life, and other cultural curiosities. Justine also develops training programs, writes grants, and creates professional development programs and instructional resources for clients in the arts, education, government, and nonprofit sectors. In her 30+ year career Justine has developed, facilitated, managed, and evaluated leadership, workforce development, and vocational training programs for the Berlitz Corporation, the French Culinary Institute, the New School for Social Research, the Peace Corps, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).