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Amer Ahmed


Dismantling the ‘U.S. versus International’ Dichotomy: Creating Synergy between Intercultural and Social Justice Approaches in Organizations

Amer Ahmed, Associate Director, University of Michigan, MESA/Trotter

Description: Intercultural frames are overwhelmingly adopted by those engaged in international and ‘global’ efforts while Diversity and Social Justice frames tend to be viewed as only applicable in U.S. contexts. As the trend of 'Globalizing’ Business, Higher Education and numerous other sectors rapidly accelerates, there are many missed opportunities due to the lack of synthesis of the two approaches. The integration of these approaches and concepts can synergize practices and efforts that can help create more effective outcomes for organizations. In order to implement such efforts, cultivating professional behaviors and practices that model an integrated approach is necessary to successfully implement and achieve the synergy. This session will seek to present examples of how the integration of these approaches can strengthen organizational practices undermined by this ongoing divide.

Level: Any

Case Study

Track: General


Associate Director, University of Michigan, MESA/Trotter

Amer F. Ahmed serves as Associate Director of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, Associate Faculty at the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication and a member of SpeakOut: Institute for Democratic Leadership and Culture. An individual with eclectic personal and professional experience, he is a Hip Hop activist, spoken word poet, diversity consultant, and college administrator, channeling his diverse experiences into work geared towards facilitating effective intercultural development. Mr. Ahmed’s education in Anthropology and Black Studies, his extensive global experiences and role as Co-Chair for the Board of Directors of Hip Hop Congress all supports his efforts to address issues of social justice that continue to face traditionally marginalized communities. He is currently in pursuing his Doctorate in Adult and Higher Education at University of South Dakota.