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Ben Alexander


Linking Diversity and Inclusion with New Leadership Competencies for Public Sector Managers

Ben Alexander

Description: Many public sector organizations are experiencing the challenges of meeting new requirements for evaluating the performance of managers and supervisors on their demonstration of core leadership competencies such as leading change, leading people, managing groups and developing partnerships and alliances across critical lines of difference. Highly significant challenge is that of recognizing when and how issues grounded in cultural differences should be addressed and acted upon in a manner that will support the efforts of organizational leaders in implementing leadership strategies. The overall objectives are to: 1. Enhance the abilities of leaders to recognize and respond to diversity/inclusion dynamics in a proactive manner; 2. Provide practical examples for making diversity/inclusion part of the manager's basic leadership strategies; 3. Provide practical tools for resolving conflicts and improving communication and relationships across lines of difference.

Proposed methodologies will include brief lectures followed by interactive group problem resolution activities followed by brief open group summaries of major learning points.

The bottom line outcome for this session is for the participants to leave with a workable vision of how they will include the realities of diversity and inclusion in carrying out their leadership responsibilities. 

Level: Intermediate

Delivery: Workshop

Track: Cross-Cutting Topics in Intercultural Relations

Senior Partner Alexander Consulting &Training, Inc.

Ben Alexander is a senior partner with Alexander Consulting &Training, Inc. (ACT). Since it's founding in 1982 ACT has carried out HR, EEO, workforce diversity and organizational leadership training and consulting projects in private and public sector organizations throughout the USA and in Canada and Mexico. In conjunction with this work Ben and his spouse and partner Debra Alexander have co-produced training videos such as "The FAIR-way to Manage Diversity" which are in use in major US companies and Federal agencies. Prior to founding ACT he held management positions in the areas of HR and EEO program administration at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management and the Federal Aviation Administration. Ben holds a BS degree from Johnson C. Smith University and a MS degree in Human Resources Management & Organizational Development from the American University AU/NTL Masters program. He has completed post graduate courses in the area of Organizational Development at the Fielding Institute and the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and the Gestalt Institute Studies Center. He is currently an adjunct professor in the American University's Intercultural Management Institute and has been a frequent presenter at AU/IMI conferences.