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Neal Goodman & Jennifer Horowitz


Flipping The Cross-Cultural Training Program: Promoting Participant Pre-Training Learning Through Online Tools

Presenter(s): Dr. Neal Goodman President, Global Dynamics Inc. and Jennifer Horowitz, Vice President of Communications, Global Dynamics Inc.

Description: Is it possible to provide the intercultural learning and development that usually would take place in a classroom environment and flip it so the content is provided before the class ever meets? The value of classroom instruction is the spontaneity and serendipitous learning that cannot be replicated in an online e-learning classroom. But it is possible to use online tools for their maximum benefit and still retain the value of interpersonal interaction. In this session, participants will learn about a new model for acquiring cultural competence, using online tools in advance of intercultural training courses. We will discuss how this impacts the classroom dynamic with an enhanced focus on simulated business scenarios; individual, team, and organization action planning; and applications and innovations. In our interactive session, participants will break into small groups and brainstorm applications of a model in which asynchronous and synchronous learning blends the best of both worlds.

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Delivery: Case Study

Track: International Education, Training, and Exchanges & Media and Technology

Neal Goodman


President, Global Dynamics, Inc.; Professor Emeritus of Intercultural Relations and Sociology, St. Peter's College

Dr. Neal Goodman is an internationally recognized authority in international human resource management and organizational development. Dr. Goodman designs international training programs for the corporate training departments of multinational corporations and international organizations. His programs have helped thousands of corporate executives to be more effective in international settings. Dr. Goodman's programs on team building, international JVs, and diversity in the workplace have been recognized by corporations, government agencies and educational institutions. Dr. Goodman is the co-founder and president of Global Dynamics, Inc. Global Dynamics is an international consulting firm which designs, organizes and implements cross-cultural training programs. Global Dynamics specializes in training, international human resource development, expatriate training and relocation, curriculum design, strategic planning, organizational development and counseling for organizations who wish to succeed in the global arena. Through the auspices of Global Dynamics, Dr. Goodman has assisted clients from a wide spectrum of the global economy. A frequent speaker at professional meetings and associations, Dr. Goodman is also on the faculty of several corporate universities, he holds the rank of Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Intercultural Studies at Saint Peter's College, and served as a Faculty Associate in the International MBA Program at New York University. Dr. Goodman received his Ph.D. from NYU.


Vice President of Communications, Global Dynamics, Inc.

Jennifer Horowitz, Vice President of Communications for Global Dynamics, works with clients and trainers to develop customized solutions and manages Global Dynamics' ongoing client outreach. Ms. Horowitz has more than a decade of international communications experience. Prior to joining Global Dynamics Jennifer was an Assistant Vice President at FD Dittus Communications, where she led teams conducting international communications initiatives for global companies, such as SAP AG, Foley & Lardner and Rivada Networks. Previously, Ms. Horowitz was a Director at CorpComm, where she oversaw all communications accounts and ran the Northern Virginia office. Jennifer managed an account team of 15 personnel charged with managing communications campaigns for new technology programs within the Federal government. Earlier in her career Jennifer was the Senior Manager of Communications for the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Forum, the organization for the early de-facto worldwide standard for the mobile Internet. Ms. Horowitz was the organization's spokesperson and oversaw all initiatives to communicate the Forum's messages to multiple target audiences throughout the world. Her team tailored these messages to numerous member companies and executives with varied interests and cultural backgrounds. Ms. Horowitz graduated from American University in 1998 with a major in public communications and a minor in cross-cultural communications.