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Sarah Jakiel

Community Success Story

Creating Resources to Prevent Human Trafficking

Name: Sarah Jakiel

Position: National Training and TA Coordinator, Polaris Project

Areas of interest: Human Rights and Human Trafficking

Sarah Jakiel graduated from AU with a degree in Ethics, Peace and Global Affairs concentrating broadly within the field of human rights. Her research interests were dominated by issues pertaining to gender, youth and conflict, and human trafficking. In October 2007 she joined the Polaris Project, an international organization based in Washington DC that works to combat human trafficking and modern day slavery through a comprehensive bottom up, top down approach. Polaris project offers direct client services and case management, operates a residential housing facility for trafficking survivors, maintains an innovative direct and indirect outreach program and also works on local, state and federal policy work and grassroots initiatives. She was brought on at Polaris to help run a newly expanded, Training, Technical Assistance, and Strategic Planning (TTASP) team.  As the National Coordinator for this team, she works with other staff members to offer training and technical assistance to a wide variety of audiences including government agencies, local organizations and NGOs, law enforcement, community groups and individuals.

The overarching goal of the TTASP program is to raise the standards of the anti-trafficking field through the development and dissemination of new and cutting edge strategies, best practices, improved levels of coordination and capacity building through practitioner-based training and technical assistance. Specifically, the program offers on-site trainings and presentations, consulting services, review and revision of third party materials, peer-to-peer assistance and in December 2007 they began to operate the 24-hour National Human Trafficking Resource Center. This centralized resource center houses a comprehensive database of state by state anti-trafficking service providers and organizations, task forces and coalitions, research initiatives, law enforcement agencies and contacts, as well as an up-to-date national calendar of anti-trafficking activities and information on relevant state policy and legislation.

If any students are interested in volunteering or joining our Fellowship Program, please feel free to email Sarah at