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International Peace and Conflict Resolution | SIS

Faculty Research Interests

Abu-Nimer, Mohammed
Middle East, Israel Palestine, Sri Lanka, Mindanao and Philippines
Islam and Nonviolence and Peace
Interfaith dialogue
Religion and peace
Culture and Peace and Conflict Resolution
Peacebuilding and Development
Dialogue and Conflict Resolution Training

Bachman, Jeffrey
Human Rights and U.S. Foreign Policy
Media Coverage of Human Rights Issues
Responsibility to Protect

Call, Charles
Post-War Peacebuilding
Governance & Reconstruction
Latin America & the Caribbean
Human Rights and Democratization
Justice and Security Sector Reform
International Organizations & Peace

Gregorian, Hrach
Extractive Industries and Conflict
Countering Violent Extremism in Fragile States
Localizing Peace
Systems Dynamics and Peacebuilding
Art and Post-War Healing
Peace through Commerce

Hofmann, Claudia
Non-state Armed Actors, Rebels, Militias, Warlords, Insurgent Groups, Organized Criminal Groups
Non-state Conflict Management
Foreign and Security Policy
Negotation and Mediation

Shepler, Susan
Youth and Conflict
Migration Crises and Security
Reintegration of Former Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone
Post-Conflict Reconstruction
Education and Development
NGOs and Globalization
Search for Local Solutions to Conflict

Wanis-St. John, Anthony
International Negotiation
Implementation Problems in Peace Processes
Civil Society and Peace Negotiation
Culture and Negotiation
Complex Adaptive Systems and Negotiation