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Mohammed Said Farsi Chair of Islamic Peace

Goals of the Mohammad Said Farsi Chair

Dr. Said speaking to a room of students.
  • Facilitation of efforts that enhance scholarship and policy-relevant contributions to the understanding of Islam and global peace, in cooperation with established programs and with individual faculty worldwide, and their respective teaching units.
  • Teaching and development of curricula on the Islamic sources of peace and conflict resolution.
  • Provision of support and assistance for student research through scholarships and fellowships in various areas related to peace and/or Islam, and for community service activities and programs.
  • Development of multicultural conflict resolution workshops, including Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish and Confucian scholars to search for common ground and for sources of conflict resolution, reconciliation and peace.
  • Annual appointments of Scholars-in-Residence and Visiting Public Servants who will conduct teaching and research relevant for the advancement of a comprehensive peace research agenda.
  • Exhibitions on cultural manifestations of Islam for the American University and the greater Washington area, to include Islamic art, architecture, medicine, music and dance.

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Mohammed Said Farsi Chair of Islamic Peace
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