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Mohammed Said Farsi Chair of Islamic Peace

Islamic Lecture Series: Interfaith Dialogue and Action

Interfaith Dialogue and Action

Date: November 19, 2009

Venue: Mary Graydon Center 200

Panelists: Zainab Alwani (John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies & North Virginia Community College) and Imam Yahya Hendi (Georgetown University)

Moderator/Facilitator: Professor Mohammed Abu-Nimer (American University)

The Mohammed Said Farsi Chair hosted the last segment of the Islamic Lecture series in mid-November, focusing on the topic of “Interfaith Dialogue & Action.”  Organized in a dialogical format, this event featured Muslim dialogue practitioners who shared their experiences and reflections on interfaith dialogue and action from an Islamic perspective, specifically focusing on how they have used dialogue as a conflict transformation tool and as a way to eliminate misconceptions about their religion.