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Statistics & Methods

SIS professor instructs her students using a projector.

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Explore stats and methods offerings at AU and beyond.

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Prep for Stats Class

Refresh your knowledge of basic mathematical and statistical concepts, and be ready for class on day one.

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Find your Data

Your data search begins here.  Find links to common and not so common data in international relations.

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Coding & Analysis

Learn to manage, code, and analyze data in some of the most common software packages, including Stata, R, and SPSS.

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Tools for Research at Any Level

Statistical analysis is quickly becoming an everyday part of the world of international affairs. Engaging in scholarship and policymaking in this field requires the ability to conduct and evaluate quantitative evidence. This site is intended to help you to develop these crucial skills. From finding the right statistics course on campus to presenting research to professionals in your field, our aim is to provide you with the resources you need to navigate the entire process of conducting research using statistical methods.