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SIS Faculty Publications: July 2012

De Jesus, Maria. 2012. "The Impact of Mass Media Health Communication on Health Decision-Making and Medical Advice-Seeking Behavior of U.S. Hispanic Population," in Health Communication.

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Mendelson-Forman, Johanna. "An Ilusory Peace: The United Nations and Statebuilding in Haiti" in In the Wake of War: Democraticzation and Internal Armed Conflict in Latin America, Cynthia Arson, Editor, (Woodrow Wilson Center Press, and Stanford University Press, 2012).

Pastor, Robert. "8 Things the U.S. Election System Could Learn From Mexico's." July 2, 2012, CNN.com.

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Silvia, Stephen. "Has Germany Been Successful Running a High-Wage Manufacturing Sector?" July 23, 2012, on AICGS.com (American Institute for Contemporary German Studies).

Thouez, Colleen, and and Frédérique Channac (2006), "Shaping International Migration Policy: The Role of Regional Consultative Processes" in Migration And Global Governance, edited by Alan Gamlen and Katharine Marsh. 2012.

Ziv, Guy. 2012. "Simple vs. Complex Learning Revisited: Israeli Prime Ministers and the Question of a Palestinian State," in Foreign Policy Analysis.