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NSLC | Biotechnology


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NSLC Program—Biotechnology

Topics in Biotechnology (1 credit)

Course Description: Recent advances in the study of genome function reveal the fluidity and flexibility of the information encoded in our DNA. Gene structure, gene positioning within chromosomes, non-coding DNA sequences and the chemical structure of the nucleotides are all factors in how genetics impact our daily lives and development. Biotechnology is the collection of tools scientists use to manipulate and modify genomes for use in, pharmaceuticals, medicine, agriculture and the criminal justice system. Techniques including, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), DNA sequencing and molecular cloning allows us to isolate and characterize portions of DNA, so we may ultimately create new DNA sequences, new proteins and even entirely synthetic organisms. Students in this course will obtain and analyze a variable gene (CDK) from their classmates using PCR and DNA sequencing. A course database of CDK gene sequences will be organized and analyzed with tools and methods designed by each student based on their own hypotheses and experimental design. This project will provide first-hand experience in the biotechnology fields of genomics and proteomics.

A course outline will be available soon.

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