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NSLC Programs:
Business and Entrepreneurship,
Sports and Entertainment Management

NOTE: Students from the NSLC (Fordham site) programs of Business and Entrepreneurship and Sports and Entertainment Management will be in the same AU Credit class, which will focus on the impact of globalization on the common business issues they all face.

International Business and the Global Economy (1 or 2 credits)

Course Description: The arena in which international business is conducted, the global economy, is comprised of many different actors and subject to many influences outside of day-to-day business. This course seeks to introduce students to the historical circumstances and theoretical debates that spurred the contemporary nature of the global economy and pertinent actors. In addition, the course explores, through relevant case studies and contemporary controversies, the challenges of integration by examining financial markets, supply chains, consumption patterns, attempts at regional integration, cultural and social resistance to globalization as well as the current reality of historical differences across countries participating in the global economy. The objective of providing this conceptual, theoretical, historical background is to make future business students aware of the complexity in which international business is run today and to demonstrate how webs of global manufacturing, marketing, and consumption underpin today's urgent economic and political questions.

Note: This course is open to rising high school juniors and seniors.

Course Outline

Professor for sessions at Yale University and Fordham University : Namalie Jayasinghe is currently completing her doctoral degree at the School of International Service at American University, studying the gendered impact of natural disasters in South Asia. Namalie received her BA in economics from New York University and later obtained an MS in environment and development at the London School of Economics. She has been active in the field of sustainable development, as a volunteer at a rural microfinance group in Uganda and as a researcher for Global Witness, a human rights group. She has a strong interest in global environmental issues and has worked with the UNDP in Sri Lanka on community-led solutions to environmental concerns, in areas such as biodiversity, climate change and land degradation. Namalie has taught classes relating to gender and international development, as well as global politics. She most recently comes from working at a national social justice foundation in New York, focusing on economic development, gender inequality and post-disaster rehabilitation, particularly in the Gulf Coast, and across the United States.

Professor for sessions at Northwestern University: Leah Gates is a doctoral candidate in international relations and Adjunct Instructor at American University's School of International Service. She has previously taught World Politics for first-year undergraduates, as well as a number of courses for NSLC, including International Business, Global Public Health, and Sustainability & International Development. During the academic year, she also advises undergraduates who are applying for competitive fellowships and grants. Her dissertation research analyzes the role of gender power structures in explaining organizational tolerance towards persistent forms of misconduct in US military organizations. She is also active in research on teaching, including projects on using games in the classroom and the university experiences of LGBTQ students.

Professor for sessions at University of Washington: TBD

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