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NSLC College Credit Program School of International Service

NSLC College Credit Program School of International Service
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016-8071

NSLC Programs:
Business and Entrepreneurship,
Sports Management, Entertainment Management

Cross-Cultural Communication for International Business (1 credit)

Course taught primarily online. Students will attend an introductory class on campus and access instructional materials upon returning home at hours that suit their own schedules. This instruction may include lectures recorded by their professor, podcasts, documentaries, and discussion posts. Readings and assignments will be available via AU's Blackboard platform. Professors remain accessible to student questions for 30 days after the on-campus segment. 

Course Description: Business is conducted in an increasingly globalized economy with diverse people, economic systems, and global forces. This course seeks to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in a global economy. The course begins with an overview of global economics and trade, introducing international institutions that influence international business. Next, the course conceptualizes culture and discusses its implications for business. Through case studies, simulations, and other activities, students develop cultural awareness in the areas of management, negotiations, and marketing. Students who complete the course are better prepared to assume leadership roles in the global economy. 

Course Outline

Professor: Ela Rossmiller is an advanced doctoral candidate at American University’s School of International Service, where her research focuses on collective memories and reparations politics. Prior to pursuing a doctorate in international relations, she earned a master’s degree in international education from Harvard University and a bachelor’s degree in French from the University of Chicago. She studied abroad in Poland and France and traveled to China, the Czech Republic, Germany, Nicaragua, Spain, and the United Kingdom. In her spare time, she writes and reads poetry.

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