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American University and the National Student Leadership Conference have a unique partnership that enables NSLC students to earn college credit from AU. These credit-bearing courses are specifically designed to work within the framework of the NSLC program, allowing students to pursue areas of interest in greater depth with an AU professor without interrupting their NSLC activities.

AU Credit Options for NSLC Programs

For general information about policies and administrative issues consult the information page.

All courses, including those at locations other than American University, are taught by AU professors who collaborate with the NSLC to link the programs with the associated AU courses. Enrolled students will meet together as a class during their NSLC session. The class meeting schedule and coursework are coordinated to ensure that the class will not interrupt NSLC activities. A culminating project will be completed after the NSLC program, upon returning home, and Blackboard technology will be utilized to facilitate learning and communication outside the traditional classroom setting. More information about the course experience and expectations is available at the Academic Expectations page.

We invite you to join other talented NSLC students--your classmates-- for this specially designed college-level adventure. Syllabi for summer 2014 will be available in the spring.

For information about the NSLC program including tuition, travel arrangements, academic expectations, policies, and grading, go to the information page.