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American University's College Credit Option courses will help to prepare you for the experiences and expectations of college life by challenging you with college-level assignments. What can you expect from your academic experience?

Prior to your arrival on campus, your professor will contact your class to welcome everyone to the course and to let you know more about the road ahead. The professor also may give some short readings that will be discussed when the class first meets in a seminar the afternoon before the start of your NSLC program. The required seminar will begin at 2 pm and will conclude before 6 pm in order for you to join dinner and the official opening of your NSLC program.

While attending the NSLC program, students enrolled in AU credit ("credit students") will meet with their professor a number of times throughout the week. In these classes, the professor will lecture and lead discussions, just as in a regular college class. Lessons will simulate those given by the professors during the academic year.

After you return home, you will complete a substantial culminating project based on the issues and curriculum covered in your course. The specific assignment will be tailored to your program. Your professor will give clear guidance on the assignment and will provide resources and readings for the project. You will have 30 days from the last day of your on-campus program to complete the project and turn it in to the professor.

Remember, this is a college-level class with college-level expectations. Your efforts to produce high quality work and to meet deadlines will be rewarded; at the same time, poor or late work will be penalized. This is your chance to showcase your abilities, to preview a real college learning experience, and to take pride in your achievement..

Two Credit Option

Students who elect to earn a second credit for their AU course can anticipate more from their experience and will complete a more substantial project allowing them to explore the subject in greater depth.

Three Credit Option

Students enrolled in the programs of International Diplomacy and Journalism, Film & Media Arts have the opportunity to take the course for one or three credits. Your professor will be embedded in your NSLC program, providing a deeper learning experience that fully integrates your NSLC experiences into your AU course. A three-credit course offers the challenge, responsibility, and reward of completing a full semester-long college class.


Students are advised to take the college credit as a letter grade (A-F), especially if they anticipate seeking to transfer the credit to another school. Many colleges and universities do not accept credit taken for pass/fail. Unless a student specifies otherwise by the first day of class, a letter grade will be used as the grading method. Once the deadline to drop a course has passed - on the fourth day of the NSLC program - students cannot drop the course; they will receive a final grade.


At your first class meeting, you will receive and should complete an American University transcript request form. When you have completed your assignments and once your professor has submitted a final grade, an official American University transcript will be mailed to the address you specified on the request form. Transcripts will be mailed shortly after final grades are posted to students' academic records. If all deadlines are met, students can expect to receive their transcripts by late September.

If you do not fill out a transcript request form during your first class and wish to do so later, and or need additional transcripts please go the alumni page and follow the instructions to request a transcript.

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