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How the Program Works

American University and the National Student Leadership Conference have a unique partnership that enables NSLC participants to earn college credit from AU. AU awards credit based on instruction derived not only from the lectures, simulations, and other experiential learning gained through your NSLC program, but also from a supplemental AU course, taught by an AU professor, with classes held during your NSLC program. Each NSLC program has a unique AU course designed to correlate with your program's area of study. This credit-bearing course is specifically designed to work within the framework of the NSLC program, allowing students to pursue areas of interest in greater depth with an AU professor without interrupting their NSLC activities. Students may enroll only in the AU course associated with their particular NSLC program. In most cases, the course may be taken for either one (1) or two (2) credits. Read more about the course offered for your NSLC program at Course Offerings. Please note that you have 30 days after returning home to complete all assignments. No work is assigned to be completed during your NSLC program.

Enrolling in the Program

All enrollments and payments for the AU college credit option program are handled by NSLC. For information on enrolling, please click here. For information on tuition, please click here. Before enrolling, students and their parents or guardians must carefully read the information found on the Academic Expectations page. For any questions about enrolling, please email collegecredit@american.edu.

Course Logistics

The first class for those enrolled in college credit is held on the opening day of each NSLC program. The required seminar will begin at 2 pm and will conclude before 6 pm in order for you to join dinner and the official opening of your NSLC program. Students must make arrangements to arrive on campus to attend this 2 pm meeting. If this means you must arrive the day before, you may stay in the dormitory without charge, but you MUST contact NSLC Headquarters at 1-800-994-NSLC (6752) ahead of time to make these arrangements. At the opening class meeting, your professor will provide you with your AU ID and instructions on accessing AU's electronic Blackboard as well as library resources. The additional class meetings will be held in most cases in the mornings before the NSLC activities get underway. In these classes, your professor will lecture and lead discussions, just as in a regular college class. Students will be given a course syllabus, and lessons will simulate those given by professors during the academic year. You are not required to submit assignments during your NSLC program.

After you return home, you will complete assignments based on the issues and curriculum covered in your course. The specific assignments will be tailored to your specific NSLC program. Your professor will give clear guidance and provide resources and readings to complete assignments. You will have 30 days from the last day of your on-campus program to complete your work and submit it to your professor. Extensions are possible, but students must receive written permission from their professor. For general information on assignments, please review course outlines on the Course Offerings page. Although syllabi are not finalized until closer to summer, you may obtain a previous year's syllabus by emailing collegecredit@american.edu. You may also call the AU credit office at 202-885-2442 if you wish to speak with someone about the college credit option.


If all deadlines are met, students can expect to receive their transcripts by late September. The Registrar will send free of charge additional copies of transcripts to colleges or universities to which you are applying; however, you must submit an additional transcript form and follow instructions found on the alumni page. Please be aware that AU's Registrar will never release any grades or other information about you without your direct permission.